Sunday, April 06, 2008

Shows my kids arent allowed to watch (not that they notice yet)

I always thought my mom was being a bit prudish when she didn’t allow us to watch certain tv shows. I vividly recall mom wouldn’t allow us to watch Three’s Company, Facts of Life, Dukes of Hazards, ok there were others, I cant recall them at this time.

The other day David was watching “That 70s Show” while I cooked dinner, there were grown-ups in the room, I knew adult themes were present- and he laughed at one point when everyone else laughed- I pulled him to me and asked “whats funny?” he didn’t know, isn’t that cute? Anyway, I told him to find something else to do- and he did!! Almost 5- he still listens, I will enjoy this for as long as it lasts.

Two and a Half Men- could this show be any more blatant?
American Dad, Family Guy these two are hard because they are cartoons (so they should be kid friendly, but nooooo).
CSI, Cold Case, any shows of that genre.
Access Hollywood or other entertainment type show.
General Hospital
The news.

We don’t have cable so I don’t have to worry about the really bad stuff as much. There are other shows that I cant think of right now, perhaps because tv watching lately has been confined to Callou and Clifford.

Shows they like (besides PBS)
The Simpsons- the boys are allowed to watch the Simpsons rarely and only with a grown up. Both of them love Wheel of Fortune (letters are cool) and Jeopardy too (the daily double is the attraction- “ooh a daily double” they have no idea what that means, but they love the sound and graphics).


Josh said...

You would be surprised at the depth of depravity available on cable TV. I have seen outright nudity, simulated sex, the "f-bomb", and more, on regular cable. Fortunately, some of that is harder to find than others.

I'm more worried about the themes taught that the kids don't even realize is being taught to them. Watch anything on MTV, BET, SpikeTV, or similar and the kids will be taught that looks are more important than character, the only thing worth getting is money, and screw other people over before they screw you over. Increasingly, even the supposed "kids" shows on the cartoon network are picking up these same themes.

Hooray for TV.

Your kids are still young enough that they don't even want to watch those shows yet... but it won't be long now. ;)

KT said...

I know you probably don't want me telling you this, but DJ, you know the one I brought up there with me, is allowed to watch Family Guy, CSI, and Futurama. However, I don't let him watch the cartoon one on Comedy Central, or the cartoons that come on after Family Guy and Futurama on Cartoon Network. He really likes CSI, and I think because the idea of someone solving a puzzle like that really fascinates him.

However, I'm ignoring the fact that Nephew David is almost five, not eight, and the difference in our family circumstances.

Also, on Cartoon Network, it is really noticeable some of the themes that are put into these shows, but a lot of them show friendship conquering, or the good guys winning in the end. Of course, Playhouse Disney, if you've cable, is the way to go for all things safe and fun. :)

Jennifer said...

KT- even when D boy is 8, 10, 12 I dont want him watching those shows. But I am naive and prefer to have my boys stay that way.

kt said...

All the better. I don't want my nephews being all worldly-like. I want them to be little boys until they just can't be little boys anymore.