Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Prom, Foxfield and Dogwood Parade- same day?

This is not good planning.
First- I cant see the Jeopardy bus in the parade if I am in traffic trying to get to Foxfield.
Next How can I possibly go out after FF if all the sitters are at prom (or if they are in college they are highly unlikely to be able to babysit after FF)?? College friends come into town several times a year, this is one of them- now we have to stay home with our kids post FF. Once they are in bed we wont be able to do the Corner crawl which is really just us sitting at Maartens and seeing everyone. Instead we will have to be at home, play Wii and harass our friends by texting and calling them at all hours. It will be like we are in college again, but cheaper and earlier wake up times.

Dont drink and drive- have fun safely - and be forewarned the magistrate will be at festivities on Garth Road, so um, how can I say this politely, dont be an a$$ or the County's finest will haul you off to the drunk tank.


Josh said...

Kayla might be available that night.

Jennifer said...

Thanks! I did ask her. I will double check given this new information.