Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Grace Tinsley Scholarship Fundraiser

The Charlottesville Democratic Party is hosting a fundraiser this weekend for the newly created Grace Tinsley Scholarship Fund. The cost is $25, it will be held at Saxx Jazz Club with the Vernon Fisher band performing (appetizers and desserts). Come celebrate Grace Tinsley's life, give to a worthwhile scholarship fund and commune with fellow Democrats.
From the website: Saturday, December 2, 7:00-10:00p.m.
Charlottesville Democrats gather to launch the Grace Tinsley Scholarship Fund
SAXX Jazz & Blues Club (Monticello Rd.)
Tickets $25: available at Plan 9, Rose Hill Market, Quilts Unlimited & at the door.

Gilmore Girls

Remember how excited I was about GG? Well, sadly the digital signal is not good on our receiver (although when Gray TV's digital came through it was great) so I have not been able to watch. Thankfully, TelevisionWithoutPity, my favorite tv website gives me weekly recaplets and summaries. HOWEVER, something has gone terribly awry with my GG. Lorelai has married Chris- only a few short weeks after Luke & her were to marry. UGH- I am glad I cant watch the trainwreck that has become the Gilmore Girls. Apparently there is hope that the two find their way back to each other- but how flaky can one character be?

Today is a Good Day to Work Downtown

I love November in Charlottesville, even as Seattle shovels its way out of a snow/ice storm, I get to wander to a client's office without a coat and walk back. It's nice.

Later I will think of other reasons to wander outside.

Monday, November 27, 2006

Chamber event

Fascinating evening with nearly 500 of my closest friends. Grace Carpenter won the Paul Goodlowe McIntire Award for Citizenship (in case you too were on the edge of your seat). She is clearly deserving, even though I havent had the opportunity to meet her.

The food was not that good- Salad course- spinach with grilled(?) onions and two or three diced red peppers (that is to say, not much)- honestly I enjoyed the salad very much. My friend laughs at me because I came up with a great answer to the question "why do you eat so much salad?" I know you may not encounter this question a lot, but she does. The correct answer "because I can" plain and simple.

The entree was this random combination of miscellaneous fish (with every one having the exact same grill marks) that had absolutely no flavor, delicious red meat thing (very tender) with a scoop of mashed potatoes with no flavor and mixed vegetables that included eggplant and zucchini and virtually...you guessed it, no flavor. Overall, I am happy if the meat is good and it was.

The dessert- imagine a cantalope shaped like a three dimensional triangle placed upside down on your plate- then imagine it being a raspberry thing. I, along with my tablemates, were confused- it was good, but not great. I eat at the Omni regularly because of Rotary Club- the chefs make some delicious desserts (pecan pie, apple pie, chocolate cake) and usually I enjoy the food a lot (think green beans, sald, chicken, meat, veggie lasagna, fish and some starch, usually roasted pototoes). So I am somewhat surprised by the lackluster food, then again for 500 it was tolerable.

I had a great opportunity to sit with the folks from Photoworks, BB&T, Doubleplay Investments, First Settlement Title & of course my law partner.

The Embarq commercial and band (who played the jingles of Embarq) was pretty funny I have to admit (one woman at the table said it was fantastic, she believes the jingle has been underused of late and that jingles are a good tool marketing). Hantzman Weibel had this great little video on the life of Paul Goodlowe McIntire- which explained why all the things in this town are named after him. The swag included a bottle of wine/embarq wine glass and a huge thing of post its that hold a pen too from Hantzman.

Finally, Senator John Warner spoke- really extraordinary speaker so natural, good transitions from topic to topic, made the audience feel special, dealt diplomatically with Iraq and the future hearings for Defense Department Head (Bob Gates), he also mentioned Jim Webb fondly (the two have a very similar path with respect to service to their country). He didnt mention whether he would run again, he does NOT look his age at all.

The evening ended three hours later and when I got home, the Christmas tree was up! If you know me, that is a very positive thing. Thanks Chris!

Let the parties begin...

Just as I was recovering from Thanksgiving, we have three parties to go to this weekend, and one the following weekend. Do not take this as some depiction of our popularity- really. Because all the parties are with a different group of people, I can wear the same dress, aahh to find the perfect dress. I am tired already- even after sleeping a good portion of the weekend away. Thank goodness for our babysitter.

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Water, Electricity, Fire, Oh My

It seems our fair City is in the middle of a storm, mostly rain, no thunder or lightening, cold and wind and rain is all. However, power is out everywhere, the police are directing traffic at darkened lights, power company trucks are taking up half the road fixing lines; Chris just got called to a residential structure fire and fire hydrants are pouring water onto River Road in some "utility work" zone. The weather is to get colder this evening, hopefully there will be no ice and everyone will arrive safely at their Thanksgiving destination. Just another holiday here in the 'ville.

Bakery Paradise

This morning I happened to have breakfast with a friend rather by chance. She told me about Baker's Palette. I had seen it before but had not been able to get there. Turns out they serve a limited breakfast & lunch menu in addition to all of the delicious baked goods they have. This afternoon, I decided to bring some pastries as gift for the hostess of the Thanksgiving festivities I am attending. (Since we are staying overnight, it will be good for breakfast).

Baker's Palette is in a great complex on Garrett street right across the tracks. Check it out.

Monday, November 20, 2006

Christmas Music

Are we really ready for Christmas music before Thanksgiving? A neighbor has his Christmas decorations up! I guess he has a jump on us all- we are planning to decorate after Thanksgiving (Sunday), maybe then I will feel in the Christmas spirit. In the meantime, I just roll my eyes every time the radio scans over 107.5.

Thursday, November 09, 2006

Basso to Discovery

It's November, so it must be cycling news! Chris directed me to cyclingnews yesterday where the happy news that Ivan Basso would be joining Team Discovery for next year's cycling season was being reported. Oh Happy Day.

Given Basso's implication in Operacion Puerto, not starting in the Tour as a result, and CSC giving him the boot, I sense Chris' hesitation with the whole thing, I comment "you think Discovery is dirty now" and he says "NOW?" Cynic.

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Recreation Precinct, thoughts

I am proud of my precinct, we had a good turnout of 2293 voters out of 4100 or so registered voters. The City had over 11,000 voters, this is a great number for a non-presidential year. Of those, 77% (mas o menos) voted for Webb, Weed and against the despicable so-called marriage amendment. Charlottesville may be an echo chamber of left wing politics, but it is reassuring to see folks stepping up to be counted on what is clearly an important vote.

I am grateful the Bush administration has opted to hold SOMEONE accountable, for an administration who demands so much accountability from political enemies, it was truly remarkable how they never looked inward. I am glad too that it did not happen prior to the election, or else the American people may not have held Congress accountable (just guessing, clearly anything could have happened).

My favorite saying right now is "As Virginia goes, so goes the Senate"

I also want to thank all the volunteers, people taking time out of their very full lives to canvass, make calls, distribute literature at the polls or otherwise contribute (financially too). My first election as co-chair would not have been so successful without those volunteers. Thank you.

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Standing Outside the Polls

If I was getting paid for this it would be "Blogging the Polls", sadly I am not, so instead I am wet, cold and tired. Back at the ranch though, I am hopeful the tea will cool off slightly so I can drink it and regroup to eventually complete some work.

The polls are hopping. When I voted over a thousand folks had been through Recreation precinct. Democrats need an excellent showing in the Rec precinct (in addition to the others) since it is the largest in the City. The turnout is a happy surprise for me.

Standing outside- lots of people were asking about questions 2 & 3 on the ballot. I voted yes and no. Yes on 2 because the amendment seeks to bring VA law in line with Federal law to allow churches to incorporate. No on 3 because no one explained it to me in a coherent way so I always vote not to make an amendment to the Constitution unless there is a good reason. Needless to say I voted no on 1- I hope all reasonable people do.

I am still cold. I was standing out there reminding other folks standing out there about an upcoming Democratic event. One person said they would not be there because it is all old people. I am getting older, but I certainly do not qualify as old so I was slightly wrinkled by that silly comment. When I told her about the benefits of said event she was quick to dismiss them as ridiculous or beside the point. I suppose this person typified the view in my mind of someone who would complain about the Democratic Party not being open to outsiders, while not actually making an effort to be active with those people, thus I was riled. I have done a lot in my fairly brief time back in the 'ville. I have priorities and try to attend things I enjoy. Thankfully, I enjoy meeting all sorts of people (even, horrors...older people) and I have been rewarded with acceptance in most things I do as a result. While there are great things for young democrats to be a part of (left of center & jfk club) it is helpful to talk to the established folks in town to truly gain an understanding of the community. As with most things, the more you put in, the more you get out.

Monday, November 06, 2006

Election Tomorrow

In the spirit of not suppressing voter turnout, I encourage all to vote tomorrow. In Virginia the polls are open from 6AM to 7PM. This clearly is an important election, dont forget to vote.