Saturday, April 05, 2008

raising money

I had this great conversation last month about fundraising for candidates. The professional fundraiser was so confident in his prowess in helping candidates fundraise (candidates have to make the pitch- he pumps them up). He mentioned there are not a lot of female fundraisers and that he didnt know if his system would work on women (he relies on testosterone), which I found interesting.

I raised a good amount of money for my own campaign, a lot of in kind donations make the # look impressive. I hated every minute of fundraising- I do not know how to make it easier for candidates to make the pitch- except for nowadays fundraising is a politicians first job (so disappointing), so they have to even if it is awful.

I will get to a point, but first, I am half way (59%) to my goal of $1000 for my MS Walk fundraiser. My initial goal was $217, I blew by that with one email. Thank you to all of you who donated. The walk was last week, it was great. Team MICU rocks! A cure for MS is within reach, I am praying for the day to be sooner rather than later.

Finally, I was the youngest member of a group invited to be a fundraiser for Creigh Deeds. OK I may not have been the youngest in the state, but I think I was in Chville. I had no idea what this meeting would be about, my friend said "money" and I recoiled in horror "I dont have any money" I told my friend. He said "oh you dont have to" "what??" was my response.

OK so I learned. I want to raise $5000 for my choice for the next governor of Virginia Creigh Deeds. I havent actually told the campaign yet, because I am not that good at committing to raise money since my kids are in preschool, perhaps when they are in public school...but I digress. I want to be called a city bumpkin (as opposed to pioneers etc from the Bush campaigns). Will you help me elect Sen. Deeds? I am happy to tell you more about why in future posts.

Stay tuned for far more sophisticated fundraising goals and pitches.

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