Thursday, May 29, 2008

musings, with no links too lazy

Today I graduated from Leadership Cville. I hope people in our community will consider applying for it. One of the fellows in the last year’s Sorenson Class (documented by Across the Aisle), is this year’s Chamber’s Small Business Man of the Year recipient- Grant Tate. I have had the honor of knowing Grant Tate casually for about a year, I am more familiar with others in his organization Bridge, LTD- Jennifer Till and Connie Brennan. I particularly appreciated his comment (because they awards are always a surprise) “now I know why my brother flew into town” so cute and honest. I appreciate that about Grant and his team.

I celebrated JustChildren’s 10th bday last night at the old Michie building. The program at the Legal Aid Justice Center is remarkable, and involves any educational related legal issues. Congratulations to JustChildren and LAJC.

"Across the Aisle" appeared on PBS last night as I mentioned I was at a bday party so I only had a chance to watch the last fifteen minutes. The program was well done and I look forward to see the whole thing soon.

On the tv front, I haven’t watched General hospital in months- is that progress? I barely keep up with the show online, I also barely watch anything except ten oclock news, Frazier and Seinfeld as I am falling asleep. Although this evening I did get sucked into the Lost finale- I do follow that online, particularly the WaPo’s Lost chats, and btw wtf? This show is unbelieveable. Oh my goodness, that ending was completely unexpected.

Chris is setting up the directv for our annual Tour de France three week marathon. It was nice of the WaPo to write about cycling today- about the performance enhancing drugs and David Millar, reformed doper.

I was diagnosed with severe sleep apnea- I look forward to a good night sleep soon, I told Chris that it feels so dumb to expect sleep to make me feel less tired- it just doesn’t, and I have no way of feeling less tired until the c-pap makes an appearance in my house.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008


We know the Clintons very well- from the 8 years in office and the middle of the night move to NY to run for Senate and finally Hillary's run for President. I feel like the past 16 years have provided a window into the type of person Hillary is.

Hillary- we know its not about getting the votes counted, its about you breaking the rules, not following the rules after you agreed to them and then crying sexism and foul when the DNC/state parties couldnt find a way to manipulate those FL and MI votes so that you would win. At this point, it would be difficult to convince me she has anything but her own self-interest, not her supporters, the party and certainly not the people who stayed home on their primary day in MI and FL because they KNEW their votes wouldnt count.

At least CNN no longer has the story as a headline. Perhaps this is just her way of showing that she is a fighter as she negotiates with Obama to bow out of the race. I really hope that is the case, because I dont want to think the worst about her. I look forward to this primary season being over.

Sleeping health

Prior to starting Sorenson, I worried about having a roommate overnight in the hotel on the weekends because of my unladylike snoring. My husband complains occassionally so I know it is not a pleasant thing. Well my roommate that first weekend was surprised and unpleasantly so. Of course I am embarrassed and mildly concerned. I decide I should definitely pay the extra money for a single hotel room so as not to disrupt others sleep.

Shortly after that weekend, I participated in the MS Walk- the team leader is a doctor, who is heading to a 'sleep' fellowship in Durham next year (I learned as we walked). I give her my symptoms and she calmly warns me I need to get checked out because people with Sleep Apnea are at higher risk of strokes, heart attacks and all those really worrisome things.

So I go to my primary care physician (who is a nurse practicioner in a large practice- but to me he is a doctor). He refers me to a sleep study because of my symptoms (headache in the morning, chronic fatigue, moodiness, naps etc). Last night was the sleep study.

I got a lot of wires attached to me- its a comfortable room- like a hospital room with the tv that swings from the wall. I fall asleep around 11:30. In order to be diagnosed with apnea one has to have 15 obstructions an hour, according to Helen my nurse- that sounds like a lot to me, so I doubt I will have it. If a patient has the requisite symptoms of apnea, the nurse will put a c-pap machine on the patient, to see if that will alleviate the apnea. The c-pap is a very romantic machine that one wears over her head and puts over her nose and air blows into the nose and somehow manages to trick the brain into not obsructing.

After an hour and a half, the nurse came in to tell me I wasnt sleeping and she put the c-pap on me. I guess I have apnea. I slept well the rest of the night despite having a million wires hanging from me and adjusting to the air blowing into my nose.

Helen told me that I was dreaming for a very long time and she tried to wait till the end of my dream before waking me up (isnt that nice?). I wont get my own c-pap for a few weeks. The doctors will review the results of the study and prescribe a c-pap.

This may be more than you ever wanted to know about me, but something I want to emphasize to stress the importance of treatment since the effects can be bad, and the treatment fairly simple. Finally- I want to say the symptoms for apnea mirror the symptoms for depression- if you snore, stop breathing during sleep, need to take a nap during the day or always feel tired, well it could be apnea and I recommend talking to your doctor about both depression and apnea. My nurse said it best "you wont be moody anymore," my relief was palpable. It just doesnt feel good to be tired all the time.

By the way, apnea is hereditary. I appreciate my Sorenson experience that first weekend, even if embarrassing, it has led to this optimistic prognosis for my fatigue and headaches.

Dont worry i wont buy it right now

Since I bought my IPOD, I am no longer allowed to purchase things- reasonable since first paycheck doesnt equal black balance sheet- oh well (food notwithstanding).

Because I researched my Ipod purchase, I have all sorts of new recommendations on my Amazon page. One of the recommendations is this fun game (Dance Revolution Hottest Party Bundle, with dance mats) made for Wii.

When I saw the movie Baby Mama, I mentioned it was a long commercial for Karaoke Revolution- thankfully I didnt purchase that game (I dont really care about singing).
But Dancing sounds like fun. I cant dance to save my life, but in the privacy of my living room, with the boys laughing and the dog barking, it could be fun and a little bit of exercise that I cant seem to get to.

It is expensive so I wont be making an impulse purchase- I cant imagine regularly playing the game. Already I dont play the Wii games as much as I thought I would, even though we have fun games.

So I will wait, and perhaps by my fifth or sixth paycheck (or add ten), if I am still interested I will discuss it with Chris and make a reasonable decision. :)

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

muddled thoughts on local govt

I appreciate Council providing an outlet for people to express their views for and against the preferred alternative of the water plan. In the end, I hope we can move forward with an elongated time line for the preferred alternative and determine whether dredging options are actually cheaper.

Kevin Lynch makes a good point- one which I am unable to refute- Council approved of this plan because they were repeatedly told the dredging options were prohibitively expensive (and it was too difficult to get rid of the material, hence the expense). Turns out the dredging options may not have been so expensive.

When one doesnt have the accurate facts its impossible to make an appropriate decision. This city is blessed with wonderfully smart people- yet we cant agree on what facts to use? Mayor Norris is correct, we must compare apples to apples with this water supply mess.

At the same time when do we as a community decide?

When do we decide on the MeadowCreek PKWY? Did we already decide? It's just not clear based on the recent decisions. Also what about the neighborhood appeal of the BAR Fried decision? When will there be a decision on it?

Recently sidewalks were constructed on Calhoun Street. The neighborhood is very grateful- but when was that decided and how? For example, how should other neighborhoods go about getting additional sidewalks in their neighborhoods (ps- why are any streets in cville being built without sidewalks? all new streets should be required to have sidewalks)? Last time a remarkably similar issue was before Council, Council opted not to take any action- yet less than a year later there are new sidewalks? Thank you, but how can we replicate the process if there is no apparent process?

Leadership means making hard decisions, even unpopular decisions. I believe the Councilors are being purposefully deliberative so that they can have all the information to make the decision. I hope they have the information to make a decision on June 2.

Monday, May 19, 2008

notes on public hearing on water supply

1. Gary starts for background. 2004- ten comm meetings, 2 year process, approved by all. Permits have beem applied. Feedback to build on work session to build from.
2. Judy Mueller hopefully you came to the work session where subject was studied in depth. see the slide show with a lot of numbers, talking fast. what to do the material you dredge is important to her. Preferred alt stays in watershed, innovative, won't silt in and has an excellent mitigation. more support for the approvd plan. b back later...


At Council tonight. Lots of people here to discuss the water plan, I am here to support the plan for the YMCA created by an open and thorough, community driven process with the shortened timeline. This plan is far superior to the default location in the contract. I am supporting the process.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

excuses, excuses...

Wow- those Clinton supporters are brutal- suddenly in the last two days crying sexism- not from the Obama campaign, because they cant point to anything there, but at the media. Of course, the Clinton supporters choose to target the Obama campaign- not Republicans the real anti-women/sexist group.

What is the problem? I am a woman, I recognize my own biases and certainly that of others, sexism is alive and well. I am proud that Hillary is a strong female candidate. I just dont agree with her.

The argument that if I dont agree with her, then I disagree with the Democratic party is specious at best and dangerous at worst. As all of us know about the 'big tent' that is the party, and my favorite 'dissent is the highest form of patriotism" I disagree regularly with the party and my fellow party members. I am kind of proud of my dissent/disagreeable nature (just kidding). How does change happen- people not agreeing and working together for a common end. Because Hillary honestly believes it is her way or the highway and uses mean-spirited, Rovian tactics to get her way. That is too close to the current administration for my comfort.

I support Obama- he is a male (forgive him for all the advantages conveyed to him as a result- oh wait...) but his message more closely reflects my own wishes for this country, while the policy is remarkably similar to Hillary- in that contest it has nothing to do with male/female but business as usual v. change.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Yeah John Edwards!

Two reasons I support Obama, one is John Edwards dropped out of the race. So it is a happy day today that Edwards has seen Obama's campaign as bold. Edwards believes too. I was also grateful that Clinton said it would be a big mistake for her supporters to vote for McCain- I didnt know whether she would be able to say it and I appreciate her support for party unity.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Bipartisanship or something like that?

I have been mulling over the experience I had this past weekend at Sorenson. While I learned a great deal from the program (agriculture and negotiating public policy), I have found a few issues-

1. As all of you know I support Creigh Deeds. He has been a mentor and an inspiration to me. I admire his determination and intellect and his absolute commitment to serving all Virginians. I am not working for Senator Deeds, I will try to help him win by talking to people, raising money and blogging about him.

I find my competitive spirit towards those favoring Senator Deeds' opponent hindering my relationships with them. Its unfortunate because this bad feeling I have will be what is left (in the Party) after this bruising primary is over NEXT YEAR.

2. Attempting to overcome my utter repulsiveness towards those supporting the so-called Marriage Amendment, I sought out a classmate to assist. Needless to say, it did not go well.

SO here it is- three months into the program, I love it-but man I am uncomfortable. I suppose one has to be uncomfortable to learn. Is anyone else "learning", is this the way it is supposed to be?

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Bush/Hager wedding

Congratulations to the newlyweds! I am impressed with the dignity they have held themselves to over the past few months leading up to the wedding. They are both level headed, good people- marriage is hard for even the most level headed around us- so perserverance and commitment remain the fountain for marriage.

At the Stonewall Jackson hotel this afternoon we saw the preparation for the most gorgeous looking reception. The event was quite a to-do= with the lime centerpieces with sticks hanging out of them- I am sure they were not sticks, but it kind of had that notion to it. The chairs all had...this is where I am deficient as a girl, I have no idea what to call these things- maybe covers- white with a green bow on the back- every single one. It looked nice, but I kept thinking- what if there was no bow? How much more did that cost? And the cake- wow it was spectacular looking- five layers, green studded- it looked like jewels were encrusted in the cake. The family was staying at the hotel and they were having a good time, which is all that matters oh and they actually get married.

To the Hagers- Cville will see you next weekend at Henry's graduation! Two events in two weekends- how exciting, or are you skipping the walk on the lawn for your honeymoon?

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Giro starts today in Italy

Danilo Di Luca is the favorite to win again this year. something about that guy I dont trust. Anyway- in the cycling news article- Contador looks to be a favorite, especially since his team Astana has been uninvited to the Tour. In the article, Contador is described as having great domestiques- Levi Leipheimer and Andreas Kloden. Those two are team leaders in their own right so its amusing to hear them described as domestiques.

Friday, May 09, 2008

What a cool Friday

Today was mother's day at D&A's preschool. They both served me lunch individually within an hour. It was very cute- hummus on pita, strawberries, veggies and ranch, chips and salsa and brownies. I got one strawberry from each, one chip from Andrew and 1/2 chip from David. Very funny. And a 1/3 cup of punch "it tastes like ginger ale but its not" "what is it?" "its punch" with a huge grin and burst out laughing like he got away with something.

The poultry plant smells bad when you first enter. We were not able to see the evicerations because the workers were done for the day- we saw the leftover parts and blood and I am grateful we didnt see it. The rest of the plant tour involved parts of the turkey we are used to seeing it, still revulsion still overcame me at points. Deli turkey meat will take awhile for me to eat again.

The Staunton Grocery is a restaurant in Staunton on Beverly Street- it was delicious. The chef made a speech beforehand on how he opened this place to use the locally grown foods in new and productive ways and to serve the farmers and economy of the valley. Very noble thing. While I didnt expect the apple crisp deconstructed with rhubarb cream, mint and caramel to be like it was- I am adventurous, so it was cool. Also the BEST coffee so far this trip- no way anything will be able to beat it till Shenandoah Joes.

Off to the depot and baja. BTW- CREIGH DEEDS for GOVERNOR.

In the morning I have to argue in favor of the ten commandments in school- I got figure out how to make those arguments- my assumption is if I just act belligerent I will get the point across that the foundation of this country is the Bible so we should instill these moral values in our children at a young age. I will win by being righteously indignant.

poultry and workers

I may have had my last chicken meal for a long time. Today I am taking a tour of a poultry processing plant in Harrisonburg. I get to see it from the manager's perspective- the whole day is sponsored by the poultry group.

When I interned for the Virginia Justice Center at the Legal Aid Justice Center in the nineties (so long ago), we went to where the workers lived. The workers live in trailer parks outside of town- everything about the place reeks of poverty and third world country. The mothers and fathers worked separate shifts to take care of the children. No toys, no books, the insects- and an atmosphere of squalor. Does that make sense? I suppose I am using my sensabilities to describe it- I mean no disrespect- it was just one of those places, like most places I went those two summers- where you wore your oldest, sturdiest shoe and lifted up your pant legs to walk around, looking at the ground the whole time. All of those places- the people we met were hard working, loyal, and shy. A lot of times the workers would cry as they told us how they got here or what they have had to endure with their families, employers or the distance between here and home.

These worker's salaries deducted the time the workers had to go to the bathroom, or worse the boss wouldnt let them go to the bathroom. There was also an issue of who was to pay for their uniform. The American workers we suspected were not exploited this way.

All of these issues are actionable, but to the workers legal action was worse than not being able to go to the bathroom or paying for their uniforms. They were very loyal, and obviously appreciated the work.

While I am interested in the processing of poultry and how it works; my main concern is the workers and if what they have to go through is worth the couple cents off the cost of chicken.

Thursday, May 08, 2008

Attorney General Sues Car title lender

I saw a bunch of commercials last night for Cash Title Loans. And now I find the Attorney General is suing them since they are breaking the law. How nice of the Attorney General to rid the Commonwealth of all predators- although I am not optimistic the outcome will prevent people from signing on to these awful deals.

"Clinton Touts Support From White Americans" is the headline

Hillary just because you are losing doesnt mean you need to stoop so low.

Change means not having to deal with politicians who see only in black and white. Oregon, West Virginia and Kentucky Democratic voters bring Obama to the National Convention and end the pathetic desperate efforts by Hillary to minimize Obama's achievements.

Wednesday, May 07, 2008

WAHU Fox News @ 10

What happened to John Rodgers, the news anchor for the 10 oclock news on Fox? I miss the guy. I like Dan Shutte a lot because he has a sense of humor, but where is John?

For awhile Dan would say "I am Dan Shutte in for John Rodgers tonight..." and now, maybe they still are saying it. What I fear is he has been terribly injured and he is recovering, but slowly. Anyone know? Anyone else care? John is the only one who can really get the First Look feature correct, all of the other anchors do not have the timing down. As you can tell, I watch the 10 o'clock news- no other news programs. Honestly there is only about 5 minutes of news in the 30 minute program- about the amount I can tolerate.

Seriously though- what is going to happen in the summer when there are no UVA sports to report on, the sports guys need to look at some professional sports- baseball, NBA finals, even more Nascar would be more tolerable than all UVA, all the time (which usuallly only means one sport story all about UVA Lacrosse or whatever in the 3-4 minute sports time).

And because Stacy Berman has improved signicantly, I will give a shout out to her! Good job. I appreciate her, even though the forecasts have not improved, I dont think it is appropriate to blame her for that- is it?


As stated earlier this month, my favorite taxi service is Wahooptie. After JenontheEdge said she worried about the conditions of the vehicles, I asked Joseph, one of the owners (and musician who opened for Ryan Shaw last Sunday at Outback) what is the deal with the vehicles?

He assures me the vehicles are fine. None of the problems they had are the result of poor planning or out of shape engines. The fleet is running, and running well. If you would like to sit in an orange or green limo and be driven around by guys who know this town, call/text to 434 249-TAXI.

invitations I like to receive

There is a benefit to being on all the email lists I am on; invitations like this one:

I wanted to extend an invitation to a get together that some friends are holding this coming Monday from 5-7. There is no cost, just fun, free food and free wine.

I have been attending a few things lately, so I might just attend this one.

So happy to hear

Jennifer McClellan has decided to use her super delegate vote to support Obama!
She "appreciates the valiant run Senator Clinton made and will always admire her, but has decided to cast her superdelegate vote for Senator Obama."

I have always admired her and now we support the same candidate for President. Now if only I could speak as well as her in public.

Ice Cream

Ice Cream is a delicious spring/summer/winter/fall treat. It is also one of my favorite songs by Sarah McLauchlan "you're love is better than ice cream..."

I have been paying close attention to prices lately, and I only really buy ice cream when its on sale (2 for $5; buy one get one free, you know the drill). So I was thinking of buying the first ice cream of the season last week :) and I am reviewing the Breyers options- and I notice some containers look smaller than others. And sure enough the cartons of the fancy Breyers are 1.5 quarts; while the mundane (but equally delicious in my mind) are 1.75 quarts.

All of us remember when ice cream was sold in half gallon containers right? It wasnt that long ago. No way was I going to be ripped off my .25 quart so I opted for two 1.75 quart cartons, and the flavors are still delicious and there may be .25 quart left for Chris in the one in the freezer. Luckily I did get two and one is still in the deep freezer (he wont know though because he doesnt read my blog often enough- and none of ya'll are going to tell-right?)

Did I mention I have been eating ice cream instead of dinner lately? I have been getting home late, having not eaten since lunch, so I figure instead of dinner then ice cream, I will just have ice cream. Its the ice cream dinner diet. No just kidding, I am making up for Lent when I didnt eat any dessert.

Sunday, May 04, 2008


Chris is a firefighter and an engineer. Two things he knows a lot about are safety and logic. While I mock him for some things such as the length of time it takes him to build or repair something- the reason is that he actually does it right (with incessant research and discussion with multiple groups of friends) So I am convinced he only wants the best so sometimes he constructively criticizes.

I have learned a lot from Chris but two things I can no longer tolerate seeing because of his concern for these safety issues. So I perform this public service message, so I don’t have to be annoyed when I see these exceptionally common concerns.

I am not really talking to grown ups here- I am not the government, I wont tell you what to do, even if it is a good idea. If you have a child, start a good habit by making your children wear a helmet. However, a helmet is of NO VALUE if the helmet is not properly placed on the child’s head. The helmet is supposed to protect the brain- this is true particularly for the frontal lobe. Place the FRONT of the helmet on the forehead and strap it snugly (two fingers width). Do not place the front of the helmet in the middle of the head- it will not protect the front part of your child’s brain- where all the good stuff is.

2. Car seat safety- Chris read the instruction manual for the car seat. He is a firefighter, he knows about car seat safety. Three issues, one is less of a concern for me, but you can judge for yourself.

a. the top part of the buckle needs to be placed around the sternum of the child- not down by the diaper.
b. the straps needs to be tightened, not loose.
c. the infant seats have a handle for carrying the seat- that handle should be lowered when driving and not ready to be picked up. Convenience sometimes trumps safety here, presumably if you have done a and b, there will not be a concern about the handle. Thankfully D&A are done with those seats.

I can do it mommy

Andrew is three, lately I have been calling him almost 4- but he is turning four in July, so he is still very much three. Today he rode his bike without training wheels. At one point I helped him get started up a hill and as soon as he got it he told me “I can do it mommy” not in the proud way, but in the way that says, “stop helping me mom.” When did they become teenagers?

Then David read a whole Clifford book to Daddy and Andrew before going to bed. He likes to remind me daily how he is getting bigger and bigger every day. Yippee.

One of my favorite songs lately- (I havent downloaded because it is new to me, and it could get annoying)- "Dont Blink" by Kenny Chesney- again for the nostalgia aspect, not for any true musical value.

I turned on the evening news
Saw a old man being interviewed
Turning a hundred and two today
Asked him what's the secret to life
He looked up from his old pipe
Laughed and said "All I can say is."

Don't blink
Just like that you're six years old and you're taking naps and you
Wake up and you're twenty-five and your high school sweetheart becomes your wife
Don't blink
You just might miss your babies growing like mine did
Turning into moms and dads next thing you know your better half
Of fifty years is there in bed
And you're praying God takes you instead
Trust me friend a hundred years goes faster than you think
So don't blink goes on.

Saturday, May 03, 2008

technology&how we think

Great conversation at the Moms Night Out we had last night for preschool moms. We tend to talk about our kids A LOT - but in a good, supportive, non-competitive way. I really appreciate the women - this is our third night out this year.

I annoyed them with my technology talk (twitter, blogs, texting, facebook etc). Someone mentioned an article on how we communicate is becoming more minimal- literally the space available to write or communicate with someone is tiny (cell phone screens, facebook status, tweets, and the quick blog post). How is that impacting our brain- and the structure of how we think?

Sadly, I am unable to consider these questions - instead I rather hurridly go about my day and try hard not to think about things- just move to the next thing. I am constantly receiving input- and my output is fairly blah and quick.

I have written in journals since I was in 6th grade. I quit drinking after writing who I wanted to be and what I actually was, I got over broken romances by re-reading all of the journal entries on how pathetic the boy was and to this day one of my favorite things to do is write a note to a friend/acquaintance and send it snail mail. Clearly I am not a talented writer- but I have always relied on it. I can definitely tell my writing is not as comprehensive. I can think of a line "the perfume of the lilacs ..." but then to take it a step further and create the plot and character and theme I dont do that anymore.

Then someone asked what would I do without any newspapers, internet, computers, or music for a few weeks? (assuming no children around)
What would you do?

I said I would write-

They said they would read- then I remembered I like reading so I probably would sleep, read and write and take long baths (so I would probably have to clean the house too). A break from the input would be helpful to de-clutter the mind, however I also think of blogging as my new journal. Or perhaps it is in lieu of talking on the phone- I dont know.

What I woke up to this morning

Last night was not too late of a night, but it was a long week and Chris is sick so we slept in a little. OK kind of a lot- it was around 10 when I finally heard something I couldnt ignore from the boys- not crying though. I cant really remember what the sound was, perhaps pouring out of the huge rubbermaid container of outdoor playthings- balls, helmets, hockey sticks-everything everywhere.

OK- no big deal. I turn the corner to the kitchen, the macaroni and cheese boxes have been opened and some macaroni has been placed in a measuring cup- ready to make for lunch. There was only one box open upon further examination- so no big deal. A small amount of chocolate chips on the stove, not sure where those came from- I asked Andrew- he got them from the freezer (which is on top of the fridge). He wanted to put the chips in a cake we were allegedly going to make.

Round the next door into the living room and we find about 8 or 9 cups full of milk. They were trying to sell milk to everyone. Sweet milk and non-sweet milk. The sweet milk was the french vanilla creamer. Heads shaking, we begin to clean up the milk. Chris gets a pitcher and begins to pour the milk into a pitcher, he asks Andrew to show me what is at the bottom of the cup- it is loaded with chocolate chips- two more cups had that in them. They keep talking about how yummy the milk and chocolate were. We really couldnt argue with them- the longer you stay in bed as a parent- the more of a mess you will come out to.
I asked David
"did you use all the milk?"
"yes" he responds.
"where is the jug" seeing that it is not in the recycling
"um...lets see, I had it over here, and then I was taping the top...I dont know where it is" - taping the top?? I thought, shaking my head.
When we came back from the park I found the pitcher amid the rubble of outdoor toys.

They did eat breakfast though made themselves cereal. And thankfully they did not go outside- they were definitely trying to escape.

Thursday, May 01, 2008

Hope Community Center hubbub

Too bad about the Hope Community Center closing because they could not raise the money to abide by the zoning laws of our city. I appreciate what the Shelter and the Bares are trying to do- if it was a good model to begin with, then private investors or community foundations would invest in it and make it work, perhaps they still will. In the meantime, I encourage the Bares to work with the City to make a sustainable model then its more likely the City will fund it.

Dont buy into the Center's story that the City didnt support them- the CDBG task force allocated money to them for FY 2008-09 which was subsequently approved by Council.

Why come to the Council to prop up the shelter in the middle or at the end of the budget season, when everyone else who receives money followed the rules? Why should we bend the rules? Why not just follow the rules in the first place? I deny teh Center's decision to close because they couldnt meet the zoning requirements is the City's fault - and while I am usually eager to blame the City- in this case, it is unwarranted.

What can we as a City do to help those folks left on the street by the closing? What ever happened to the Shaddyac money? What is happening with the homeless service providers that 70 people/families would be on the street tonight?

Deep thoughts-not

I am not feeling blogalicious right now- so many interesting things are going on in my head, but nothing really worthy of an audience (hey dad!). SO I will do my lists of random miscellaneous items
1. Holy cow- Springsteen was awesome, still kind of get that feeling when I think about it.

2. New job- awesome. I twittered this morning (are you twittering? let me follow you, or vice versa) that I am doing real lawyer work, not soul sucking administrative work. I like this type of practice of law - I am sure it will get crazy and stressful, but after my first day- things are pretty good- for example there is diet coke in the fridge for me!! I didnt put it there. I like working in an office.

3. a complaint about this weekend- "dont make me, please!? do I have to?" I am sure it will be awful and I dont know how to make it better, its all about attitude, I do not have the right attitude for this weekend, I am trying to summon it, but nothing has worked so far.

4. Have you noticed the abundance of taxi-services lately in town? Before it seemed there was only Yellow Cab. Now I see all sorts of vehicles riding people around (in larger cars than the yellow cab people). My personal favorite has to be Wahooptie- you can text them to come pick you up- that is so cool.