Monday, April 28, 2008

Lowes and Twitter

I started twittering- because I like the word. The concept is not something I am sold on, but since the cool kids Marijean and Jim are doing it, I thought I should figure out what it is all about. I am @jmckeever if you would like me to follow you or me to follow you. Stalking is fun.

I concur with Patience’s sentiments on Lowe’s.

Foxfield Weekend Recap

Foxfield is totally different with children. I didn’t really get to wander and see the randomness and chaos that is FF (until the end when the rain forced us to head out at the same time-talk about chaos).

We found a babysitter and I am not telling you who it is- he is an anomaly. He went to FF, sober driver, didn’t want to party after FF and was happy to come over and watch our children sleep while he studied (I mean we even have guitar hero and he didn’t even play video games). The babysitter gave us the opportunity to go out on Saturday night with our friends.

So what did we do with our evening? Baby Mama drama (which may be a long commercial for Karaoke Revolution because now I want that video game), Gamestop drama (for preordered Mario Kart at Midnight), late night with friends and finally to bed. I am a bit bummed we didn’t go to the bars- I say this even though I don’t drink. With the children, I didn’t get to socialize so much at FF, so I kind of wanted to hang out and talk with old/new people. Perhaps this Friday.

I am easily entertained- I enjoyed Baby Mama even in its predictability. A rousing endorsement by me on music or movies should not sway you to do anything different. And at the risk of repeating myself I kicked Greg’s behind in Ms. Pac Man!!! I rock at those 1980’s video games.

MP3 Uploads

I love the one-click at Amazon for mp3 downloads- anytime I am reminded of a song-I can buy it. I am kind of embarrassed by my purchases so I will not reveal them at this time. Let’s just say I am not a snob about music.

Friday, April 25, 2008

Ivan Basso will be Back!

Ivan Basso, my favorite bike rider has signed with a ProTour team Liquigas. Basso is confident he can win the Giro again- which is held in his home country of Italy.

The last time he won the Giro- it was emotional- his wife was pregnant, his mother had passed away urging him to win the Giro. Starting in 2009 he will have the opportunity to defend his title so long as those durn bureaucrats decide for some reason or another to prolong his suspension, an unlikely scenario. But one doesn’t have to look far Tyler Hamilton and Floyd Landis among the riders still not able to return to the sport, for reasons not entirely clear and entirely undemocratic and unfair.

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Spring in Charlottesville

Since Spring is this very brief (the humidity starts early), allergy filled time here in Charlottesville all the activities are pretty well put into about 6 weekends. This is just not enough time.

Tonight we had a lovely picnic at Pen Park with the whole preschool. The place was filled with lovely picnic blankets and colorful dishes. This was a no waste picnic so we brought our own plates, silverware, cups etc. So much food- it was a potluck. The weather was so wonderful, I saw lots of new friends and some folks I hadnt seen in awhile.

Then off to the Dogwood Festival one more time, we got there around 7:30- the line for the ferris wheel was lengthy but no one complained. We left at 8:30 and people were pouring in, with little children, brave parents. David rode his first ferris wheel with Daddy and firefighter Chase. And I got my bike back (imagine me walking with my bike and two kids over the bridge to CHS with darkness quickly descending. I was a bit frazzled to say the least. Tomorrow I will ride my bike to my new job. How fun.

Boys are still not asleep so I better calm them down. Charlottesville is high energy in the spring, I am glad to be feeling better so I can enjoy it.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Prom, Foxfield and Dogwood Parade- same day?

This is not good planning.
First- I cant see the Jeopardy bus in the parade if I am in traffic trying to get to Foxfield.
Next How can I possibly go out after FF if all the sitters are at prom (or if they are in college they are highly unlikely to be able to babysit after FF)?? College friends come into town several times a year, this is one of them- now we have to stay home with our kids post FF. Once they are in bed we wont be able to do the Corner crawl which is really just us sitting at Maartens and seeing everyone. Instead we will have to be at home, play Wii and harass our friends by texting and calling them at all hours. It will be like we are in college again, but cheaper and earlier wake up times.

Dont drink and drive- have fun safely - and be forewarned the magistrate will be at festivities on Garth Road, so um, how can I say this politely, dont be an a$$ or the County's finest will haul you off to the drunk tank.

Interchange Vote

This post may upset some folks (hey Peter!). Part of my charm has to be my willingness to say things that make my friends upset, right? Its my father in me, if I am making someone mad, I am probably doing something right. So here goes...

(hold breathe, shut eyes tight) I support the interchange committee's recommendations and believe Council should allow the interchange process to move forward (slowly open eye and release breathe). Now then. Here is Peter's take on the subject. Here is CvilleTomorrow's report on it and the podcast of the hearing.

The Interchange Committee has 22 people on it (at least, and not me fyi) and a website. They have been working hard for two years to come up with an appropriate interchange for the 250bypass/McIntire Rd intersection. The process has been open, thorough and reflective of the differing values of this community.

The interchange is needed, what a great way to access the park for people who really want to enjoy that part of the park. How many more accidents have to happen there (I just passed another one yesterday)? It is not the decision of this City Council whether the interchange goes in, that decision has been made, and federal monies have been allocated. The design is certainly subject to debate- but a two year debate made in good faith and in public has just occurred- lets get this thing moving forward.

Here are my retorts to some of the dectractors of this design:
1. I understand many opponents are loathe to view this as three projects (interchange/McIntire Extd/MeadowCreek Pkwy) because the federal environmental impact statements would be required if the three were one project, however this is not a good reason to postpone change at this failing intersection. VDOT now requires environmental assessments similar so I am not convinced by this theory any longer.
2. The project is too big. There is more grass in the final product than road. There is room for pedestrians, bicycles, probably emergency vehicles will be able to move safely through the intersection. My friend Virginia lives close to this project, she derisively calls it the "monstrosity," reasonable people can disagree and I hope she still likes me after this post. I know the committee tried to lessen the footprint of this interchange, they have to follow federal guidelines of safety because of the federal monies- this is not taking land willy nilly and putting into a road- this is a careful, narrowly tailored solution to a very large problem.
3. Historical resources. This is the one area I dont have an adequate response. Except to say the process was open, thorough, and took into account the differing values of the community.

I know people on the committee worked hard to get a good outcome, it's not their own interest committee members are looking out for, it is the City's, the environment, the traffic, businesses, and all people moving through that intersection- all the things we want them to take into account- or that we would take into account when making a decision.

When this large of a committee can overwhelmingly approve a design option, it is nothing short of amazing. How can we ask our Citizens to take so much of their time on a project only to be dismissed so easily? Their work should be applauded, not rejected. My opinion is that to thwart the entire project based on political issues with the parkway is not sincere or in the communities best interest.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Neverending spring cold/allergies/cough/flu

It's been a month since we were in NC with sick children, I have been healthy about 48 hours since then. Today I went to the doctor for the third time in a month (not counting the children's multiple appointments). She gave me five different drugs to take, including an asthma med, Zyrtec, nasal spray, Mucinex D, and ... one other thing I cant remember. She says if I dont feel better in 3-4 days, I can fill the script for antibiotics (a different one than I was on early this month).
So for all those sick of my cough- it may be going away, then perhaps I will be able to sleep and otherwise function again. I have no coherent diagnosis but who cares, I have drugs.

PA Primary night

I am glued to the computer awaiting polling (real, not exit) results. This is one of the fun things about politics, waiting for the polls to close and getting results- until your guy loses or it wraps up way early in a landslide victory.

But as I surf, this headline from ABConline greets me- Anticipating Win, Clinton Asks Why Obama Can't 'Close the Deal'
Now I just feel sick. I really cant stand the way she politicks, or the media for feeding into her BS.

So many things wrong with the logic:
1. Why cant you win Hillary?
2. Why cant you win on your own without smearing your opponent using the pages of Rove's playbook?
3. UM, have some results come back that say definitively you won, its only 8:04 by my clock?
4. Why havent you closed the deal Hillary?
I am so sick of politics as usual the way she eptimizes it.

Monday, April 21, 2008

It seems pretty official

In the WaPo weekly feature involving two strangers dating, the magazine asks the participants to describe their love lives up till now- since I am married, I thought I would describe my take on my post-law school work up till now:
Hard-working, driven lawyer gets bombarded by marital break-ups, abusive parents and hundreds of cases in the first year out of law school (while planning her own wedding) with no training, followed by motherhood, and employment with a hotline organization that doled out free legal advice (not very satisfying for driven lawyer), thought to have ended the path by starting-up a partnership in Charlottesville, turns out there was more to the story.

I am wrapping up business at my law firm to start as an associate at Jones & Green on May 1. I have a new computer thanks to this new law firm- its at the office. I have business cards- that is real official, an email address. Jones & Green is a great law firm, they have been a partnership since 1990 and have been in this community for almost twenty years as lawyers. The practice is general, focusing on civil litigation, estate planning, family, business, personal injury, and real estate. I do some education and contract drafting and disputes. For now the law firm doesnt have a website--this will be my first order of business (fortunately they were planning on getting a site up soon).

Here are varying reactions I have heard
1. "Can I work part-time?" That is Chris' wishful thinking- that cannot happen til at least the kids are out of preschool.
2. "are you sure?" um, yes, but I am trepidatious.
3. "what about your law partner" happily we are on good terms and will continue to remain on good terms (she does elderly law, estate planning, education and guardianships- give her a call for advice/counsel on these issues).

Here are my reactions:
1. Yeah-staff!!
2. Experienced lawyers will mentor me? Yeah!!
3. I dont have to do my own administration work, and someone will write letters/make copies for me? Really? I thought I went to law school just to learn how to work the copier.
4. I can make a salary and not just pay firm bills with my salary?
5. Yeah!!
6. What do you mean I cant take four day weeks and three weeks of vacation in a three month period? What about hour long lunches, or two hour meetings full of political discussions, naps (j/k)?

OK so its almost official- transition is scary, but I remain optimistic.

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Seminole Trail Volunteer Fire Department Fundraiser

From Chris:
On Tuesday, April 22nd from 5-7:30pm, Chick-fil-A on Woodbrook Dr. is donating 15% of their profits to the local Volunteer Fire Department, Seminole Trail Volunteer Fire Department.

Here's the link to the release on the website.

Go enjoy Chick-fil-A milkshakes and dinner on Tuesday evening and the Seminole Trail Volunteer Fire Department will benefit. We thank you for your support!

Friday, April 18, 2008

Nascar Clothes

Grandma took the boys to a store yesterday to buy short sleeve shirts to keep at her house, seeing as she babysits weekly for me she likes to have extra clothes for them and since I am a completely unreliable source for clothes she purchases them herself (thanks mom).

Apparently the boys were amazed and delighted at a hanger full of two piece NASCAR outfits(shorts/shirt sets). Imagine my surprise when I pick them up and they have new Jeff Gordon and Tony Stewart sets! They are soo excited by the outfits, both are wearing them today (Jeff is red, Tony is orange). Jeff Gordon's outfit looks like Lightening McQueen a bit, Tony Stewart is sponsored by Home Depot, so it has a Bob the Builder, construction worker orange about it.

I have been watching racing lately. I like jr. and Edwards, even J. Johnson and Stewart. Gordon would not have been my first choice (a couple of years ago maybe, but then he dumped his wife, got himself a new family, I thought he had a bit more character than all that). The races have had great finishes so it has been easy for me to get into the competition and sport of it.

I will get a photo later, they look so cute and are so happy with their new clothes, I cant be complaining about their choice of racer, since they have no idea who Tony Stewart and Jeff Gordon are (I am teaching them).

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Awesome Sprint Finish in Belgium

Cycling News reports Cavendish from TMobile won the 96th Scheldeprijs Vlaanderen by sneaking and sprinting beside Tom Boonen. Boonen was raising his arms, declaring victory as Cavendish rode by him and stole the race from him. Apparently Robbie McEwen came in third and Eric Zabel from Team Milram came in 4th, off the podium but certainly in the mix.

The Sprinters are fun to watch especially the first week or so of the Tour before the mountains rise up (as Phil or Paul would say). The race can be pretty dreadful until the train (peloton) decides to catch up to the leaders (typically the train is driven by the teams who have great sprinters on them), then the peloton greets the leaders and flies by them, the sprinters arrange themselves in front behind their lead-out men and get catapalted to the finish line, if they are lucky there are no crashes or run-ins with objects on the sidelines. Sprint finishes are very exciting and competitive, any competitive soul will love it.

News from the Mudhouse

Mudhouse now accepts credit cards!! Oh happy day.

And the Mudhouse raised its prices, Bummer.

My au lait used to cost $3.00, now it costs $3.22.

However, if you have a Mudhouse card, and you buy 15 items you get a free coffee drink (I dont think that has changed).

Remembering Kyle Wilson

Bruce at Raising Kaine has a poignant post about a firefighter in Prince William County who died while on duty at this time last year.
"Kyle was emblematic of what county government and its employees need to be about. Helping folks in trouble. Never checking for ’status’ or ability to pay. Just helping. Dealing not with the failures of the federal government, but dealing with fellow humans in distress."

Thank you.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

david can read

I am not a mommy who brags about her children, everyone already knows they are awesome :)
Seriously, I had an interesting discussion about preschool at sorenson this w/e. I understand why republicans may not want to fund pre-K education, however the preschool teachers are essentially subsidizing our children's education since they are paid so little. Then I chatted with an ed of a preschool at a party who mentioned that one of her teachers had received a Habitat for Humanity house (yes the teacher works full-time). We were both in disbelief.
I maintain that preschool education isn't affordable for middle class people. Chris and I hve made significant sacrifices for our boys (in addition to not paying on my variable interest student loans from law school). These sacrifices make sense to us and as you can tell from the title of the post my 4 year old is getting a lot out of it. He reads EVERYTHING! He read the word neighborhood earlier.
My kids will be able to compete because of our priorities and sacrifices, its the other children though that I worry about. I want their classmates to be able to start at the same start line. Without valuing pre-K ed, Virginia students will have significant disparities among them caused only by economics.

boycott pw county

I barely ate yesterday. I had court in Prince William. These two are related. I refuse to spend money in PW county until less crazy people control the purses. I have very little power to truly make change, but where I spend my money is one important way.

Monday, April 14, 2008

Boonen takes the Paris-Roubaix

I have to find someone to route for in the Tour since Astana is out of the tour (thus last year's winner will not be able defend his title).

Tom Boonen of Quick Step is a perennial favorite to win the green jersey (sprinter) in the Tour. He definitely stepped it up at the Paris-Roubaix by outsprinting Fabian Cancellara from CSC and newcomer Ballan from Milram.

In the meantime, Astana won the first stage of the Presidential Cycling Tour of Turkey. The good part about the nightmare that Astana is undergoing means the rest of the world may witness good cycling in their countries.

While I despise what the Tour does politically, I will continue to support the Teams and riders in it.

Creigh Deeds for Governor

Because I am not actually involved in the campaign, I want to post my suggestions to the Deeds campaign.

1. World wide web fundraising;
2. Website- improve it, make it more interactive and interesting;
3. NoVa is in play;
4. Spend plenty of time in Hampton Roads;
5. GOTV- obviously;
6. Your suggestions here...
I suspect the campaign is working on all of this.

People I talk to believe that Moran is going to win the primary (they are all from the other side of the state). I do not know how Moran can win against McDonnell. McDonnell has positioned himself as a centrist candidate, something Moran cant pull off given his primary residence in Alexandria.

The word is any candidate can now win if they are from northern Virginia. Apparently no longer can statewide candidates win if they are not from NOVA/Richmond. I find this depressing, unrealistic and frankly foolhardy on the part of those pundits. I believe Creigh represents Virginians, I know he can beat McDonnell (he almost did a couple of years ago) and he will serve all of us by working with all Virginians.

Elitism, bitterness

I just read a blog post on VABlogNewsNet or whatever (see sidebar), that tried to call out Dems for accepting liars in our country (and used the term Barack Hussein Obama- clearly not someone I want to highlight on my blog). I did however find it hysterical that this fellow was appalled Democrats accepted liars in their candidates.

I read the whole article and the blogger was oblique- did not actually mention this alleged lying. I cant help but wonder why this guy would accept such liars in the White House, people who would stretch the meaning of the word torture and then actually torture people in the name of safety, or start wars in the name of hypothetical WMDs, then restate the reasons for the war to reflect their own interests and not actual reality? Finally these liars- I have to assume this blogger supports the Republicans- even if he doesnt believe they are misrepresenting the truth at every turn- have never been concerned with telling the truth to the American people- how can he accept that? National Security, perhaps?

Hypocrisy is rampant, I try hard to check myself, but it is difficult not to be a hypocrite. The people I support however arent trying to hurt more American lives through endless war brought on by these lies fed to us by this administration.

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Whoa that was cool (Sorenson Month2)

This month's Sorenson session was held in Richmond and we played the budget game. Our optional session was an awesome tour of the State Police Academy with some training! So many people to thank and much to process and learn from.

Where to start? How about being trained in the "Shoot, Dont Shoot" scenario by a Trooper, who despite being shot multiple times, he did eliminate the threat. Very impressive people are working at with the state police. He suspected immediately I was a lawyer when I asked a question about why he shot in the mock-scenario when the suspect appeared to run away (but subsequently came back). We all had a good laugh. The training gave me some insight about verbal warnings, but um...I am not a good shot (I say somewhat shamefully given my husband's prowess in hunting). In the scenario, my bad shot led both my partner and I to be eliminated by the threat (although I joked that because I was a lawyer the trainers didnt put bullets in the scenario's weapon).

It was all good fun, but so freakin serious too. How is that possible? I am comfortable calling people heros who do things most people wouldnt do to protect other people (did that make sense?), this includes my hero husband who goes into burning buildings to get people out, soldiers (this includes all the services in my shorthand), EMTs and police officers. The low pay, the harassment by some citizen (and some lawyers) and the DANGER, are all reasons to run away from this job. Yet, the officers/deputies/troopers I know are all 'salt of the Earth' people (I dont want to gush too much, but I am not going to qualify my statements either since we all know a few bad apples make the whole basket seem bad). Thank you to all of those who serve, and thank you to all of those who give us regular folks the opportunity to look inside and see your side of the story (which so frequently is not the story printed in the newspaper).

We also met one of the 6 digital forensic specialists at the State Police Academy- thank goodness there are people willing to do this important, meticulous and often disgusting job. The fellow told us if the General Assembly and Governor tripled the staff in his office, they would still be overworked. State employees work hard.

Budget game- we did balance the budget- a budget none of us would ever be re-elected if we it wasnt a game. The game isnt too realistic, but it is enough of a scenario to understand the dynamics at play.

I started with my values to try to frame my revenue and spending priorities. I wont go into everything but my main goal was to extend a hand that people could reach up to get if he/she chooses. One particular interest of mine is community college funding. I worried I would be isolated in my support, it was refreshing how many of us valued the community college system and sought to find ways to fund the needs of the CC system. The taxes were an issue and on this topic I will play the Vegas card, and let what happened at the tax level stay at Sorenson.

We did this exercise for 5 hours, worked through lunch, no breaks just battling and trying to compromise. Politics rarely played a role, pragmatism ruled the day (not to say we agreed by ANY stretch). Generally the chair (shout out) controlled the debate and kept too much emotion/partisianship/politics from creeping into the debate. Yet we struggled a lot. The fatigue, critical analysis, verbal advocacy on the fly, patience (or lack thereof) created a high pressure environment. We had no press, no real constituency, no "no new taxes pledge" and a fake budget to work with, imagine how challenging it is to do the people's business with all the pressures faced by our legislators. (I kept saying- "I have to get to my press conference" whenever I lost a vote-I am hilarious).

I am not a person who bites her tongue (shocking to all of those who know me-I know). I am hoping to learn to be more strategic and pithy with my words and not to undermine myself with my admittedly hilarious comments at the expense of real work getting done. That is my goal for the next couple of months is to measure my comments to what is really important (I hope this will help me be taken more seriously AND give people a reason to listen). Also- I heard a complement someone told a third party (not about me) last week about integrity. I want to be seen as a person with integrity (as this person very clearly is), and when I am joking all the time or commenting rather off-handedly that is not necessarily the hallmark of a person with integrity. Just thoughts I have been having. Sorenson really gives one the opportunity to think about things- which I dont have much time for otherwise. I am privileged for the challenge and opportunity.

Sunday, April 06, 2008

MP3 downloads- who knew it was so easy and fun??

I heard a Prince song on the radio this afternoon from the Purple Rain album. My family used to have this album back in the 80’s and I have no idea what happened to it. I have lots of nostalgia about it that I won’t bore you with at this moment. But I really want the album, it is a classic and I thought I should order it/buy it/yadda yadda.

So Chris and the boys are driving home from their weekend away, and I am surfing Amazon- I can download the mp3 right now and be listening to it in a second!! I have CDs burned to my Media Center but I have never downloaded music from the internet. BUT NOW I HAVE!!! The practice of law will be much improved with my ability to choose songs to listen with one click!

Purple Rain is an amazing album and I am glad to have it on my computer. In a musical twist, I also bought the Rodney Atkins song “These are my People.”

I soon may not be able to resist the power that I have to buy all these songs I like (for $.99).

Shows my kids arent allowed to watch (not that they notice yet)

I always thought my mom was being a bit prudish when she didn’t allow us to watch certain tv shows. I vividly recall mom wouldn’t allow us to watch Three’s Company, Facts of Life, Dukes of Hazards, ok there were others, I cant recall them at this time.

The other day David was watching “That 70s Show” while I cooked dinner, there were grown-ups in the room, I knew adult themes were present- and he laughed at one point when everyone else laughed- I pulled him to me and asked “whats funny?” he didn’t know, isn’t that cute? Anyway, I told him to find something else to do- and he did!! Almost 5- he still listens, I will enjoy this for as long as it lasts.

Two and a Half Men- could this show be any more blatant?
American Dad, Family Guy these two are hard because they are cartoons (so they should be kid friendly, but nooooo).
CSI, Cold Case, any shows of that genre.
Access Hollywood or other entertainment type show.
General Hospital
The news.

We don’t have cable so I don’t have to worry about the really bad stuff as much. There are other shows that I cant think of right now, perhaps because tv watching lately has been confined to Callou and Clifford.

Shows they like (besides PBS)
The Simpsons- the boys are allowed to watch the Simpsons rarely and only with a grown up. Both of them love Wheel of Fortune (letters are cool) and Jeopardy too (the daily double is the attraction- “ooh a daily double” they have no idea what that means, but they love the sound and graphics).

Unsolicited Advice

I usually leave real estate issues to Jim Duncan and other more knowledgeable bloggers, but this house still has not sold and it requires a comment.

The house is small, the lot is large, certainly a larger home could be built on the lot. The house has been for sale for at least a year. A house two doors down recently came on the market, it was under contract within a week.

The price has been reduced, but only modestly (the price is still greater than $320,000). The agent actually OWNS the house and is selling the house (owner/agent).

I will never use this agent- he/she does not know how to price a house or move a house. Research your agents prior to hiring one and for goodness sake be reasonable about the sale price. And if you are a Realtor- do not let your own homes sit on the market forever, it does not set a good precedent.

Saturday, April 05, 2008

Hillary's backtracking...

Just from the past week:
Her compelling, dramatic stump story is incorrect.

Another error in judgment with respect to NAFTA and her free trade policies with respect to Columbia (slight international incident follows).

No such thing as a pledged delegate- I have railed against this in the past- we are having our convention soon here in the 5th district (May 17th?) check out our website for additional details (, all of the pledged delegates will be pledged according to the vote we took in February- turncoats need not apply, further you will have some 'splainin' to do if your pledge is changed.

"Obama cant win", "oh wait, I didnt say that", um "thats a no" what are you saying?

Admittedly-politicians stretch, backtrack and mislead, even Obama. The issue for me is the arrogance/paternalism associated with the Clinton's misrepresentations, it reminds me of the Bush-Cheney line, "so?", which means to me "we can lie, we know what is best for you and America."

Change we can believe in, people ask me "change what?" so here is a mini-rant-change to me is telling the truth v. political expediency, truth-finding instead of research based on the desired outcome and trusting the American people (we want the truth and are willing to sacrifice in the best interest of the country- Afghanistan v. Iraq- no wag the dog wars).

raising money

I had this great conversation last month about fundraising for candidates. The professional fundraiser was so confident in his prowess in helping candidates fundraise (candidates have to make the pitch- he pumps them up). He mentioned there are not a lot of female fundraisers and that he didnt know if his system would work on women (he relies on testosterone), which I found interesting.

I raised a good amount of money for my own campaign, a lot of in kind donations make the # look impressive. I hated every minute of fundraising- I do not know how to make it easier for candidates to make the pitch- except for nowadays fundraising is a politicians first job (so disappointing), so they have to even if it is awful.

I will get to a point, but first, I am half way (59%) to my goal of $1000 for my MS Walk fundraiser. My initial goal was $217, I blew by that with one email. Thank you to all of you who donated. The walk was last week, it was great. Team MICU rocks! A cure for MS is within reach, I am praying for the day to be sooner rather than later.

Finally, I was the youngest member of a group invited to be a fundraiser for Creigh Deeds. OK I may not have been the youngest in the state, but I think I was in Chville. I had no idea what this meeting would be about, my friend said "money" and I recoiled in horror "I dont have any money" I told my friend. He said "oh you dont have to" "what??" was my response.

OK so I learned. I want to raise $5000 for my choice for the next governor of Virginia Creigh Deeds. I havent actually told the campaign yet, because I am not that good at committing to raise money since my kids are in preschool, perhaps when they are in public school...but I digress. I want to be called a city bumpkin (as opposed to pioneers etc from the Bush campaigns). Will you help me elect Sen. Deeds? I am happy to tell you more about why in future posts.

Stay tuned for far more sophisticated fundraising goals and pitches.

Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Iraq, tv, support troops

Last night's Frontline was another winner. The show gave the Bad Voodoo National Guard platoon cameras and the troops taped their thoughts and actions over the past nine months. Bad Voodoo isnt home yet so the ending isnt definitive, but I will keep watching online and praying for their safe return.

One fellow had broken up with his girlfriend over his leave, it had been 'rocky' while he was in Iraq so when he returned home they decided to take a break. The kid is young for sure, only 22. That is just one story in the platoon, there are thirty guys. The director of the documentary is very good at telling the stories (including when the IED blows up in front of an Iraqi checkpoint and the powerlessness of the platoon in the face of a crappy mission and anonymous enemies).

Bad Voodoo has a website, here is something you can do- send a care package- here is where you can learn more about Bad Voodoo and how to support them.

I am sure other platoons have websites, search for some, perhaps more obscure ones and help them out if you wish.