Monday, April 14, 2008

Creigh Deeds for Governor

Because I am not actually involved in the campaign, I want to post my suggestions to the Deeds campaign.

1. World wide web fundraising;
2. Website- improve it, make it more interactive and interesting;
3. NoVa is in play;
4. Spend plenty of time in Hampton Roads;
5. GOTV- obviously;
6. Your suggestions here...
I suspect the campaign is working on all of this.

People I talk to believe that Moran is going to win the primary (they are all from the other side of the state). I do not know how Moran can win against McDonnell. McDonnell has positioned himself as a centrist candidate, something Moran cant pull off given his primary residence in Alexandria.

The word is any candidate can now win if they are from northern Virginia. Apparently no longer can statewide candidates win if they are not from NOVA/Richmond. I find this depressing, unrealistic and frankly foolhardy on the part of those pundits. I believe Creigh represents Virginians, I know he can beat McDonnell (he almost did a couple of years ago) and he will serve all of us by working with all Virginians.

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