Thursday, January 18, 2007

To Run or Not To Run?

That is the question. Typically I would be talking about running in the form of exercise, but this time I am considering running for City Council. I know, "City Council? Didnt we just elect people to those positions?" You would be right. Another comment may be "didnt we just have an election?" Yes. Or "isnt the election in November, its only January, Jennifer" Correct again (3 for 3). The convention where the caucus is held to nominate candidates is either in very early June or May, so if I want to win (if I decide to run, I will want to win), then I have to start lining up support early.

I have had the immense honor of chatting up some of the area's great thinkers, leaders and citizens (if I havent gotten to you, I will soon) of this community. I have learned a lot from these discussions. Fortunately I was raised in the area so it is not all new to me. Several issues have emerged that may form the foundation of my campaign. If nothing else, the opportunity to discuss Charlottesville, politics and other issues has been great.

I am still considering my options. I have a great law practice, a young family and a satisfying civic life, so the path is not self-evident.

Certainly the blogosphere will likely be among the first to know (after the family). And if you have an opinion or know anyone else interested- let me know.


mckora said...

I am hoping that you run! Besides all the obvious family prejudice that I may have- It's still clear you'd be great at the job!

cowsherry said...

I believe if you decide to run, you will not only win and be great at the job but will also make a big difference for C'ville! You have everything that you need to be very successful. I vote for you running and I will be there for your support!

Uncle G said...

you got my vote said...

YAY JEN!! I know that Kristen and I will be voting for you! Congrats and anything that I can do to help would be a pleasure just let me know!

Anonymous said...

I am so excited that you are considering representing your fellow citizens on the City Council. As I know from whence you came, I too know your judgement and most of all your heart is in the right place.

To quote the great communicator:
"No arsenal, or no weapons in the arsenal's of the wrold is so formidable as the will and moral courage of free men and woman."

Love and miss you all,


Jennifer said...

thanks ya'll!

Cathy said...

Aunt C Jennifer you have my vote and support.I'm sure you will win let me know what I can do!

Uncle Richie said...

Hey Jen, Go for it!
With your passion and tenacity you will win and be successful.