Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Halloween, CBS news, etc.

David is Buzz Lightyear thanks to Greg and Meghan. We are trying to get him to say "To infinity and beyond..." but apparently infinity is a hard word to say. Andrew is a fireman. At the Downtown Halloween gathering on Saturday- there were lots of oohs and aahs about how the boys looked. This is their first Halloween trick or treating- we will go to the lawn and do that so we can still get the kids to bed on time. The fellas carved the pumpkin last night, it looks very scary- I look forward to receiving trick or treaters.

Last night for some reason I watched the 6:00 local news and 6:30 national news. On a lark, I thought to watch Katie Couric's national news. I enjoyed it. If I were an evening news watcher I think I would watch that program. One particular story I found thoughful was a story of military wives and keeping families together during deployments. The story had the typical flaws of a tv news story (lack of depth), but the story exposed viewers to the side of the war (the homefront) many do not consider. I was glad to see it. The rest of the news was decent too, not bad. Perhaps mediocrity is the goal- they are certainly achieving it just like all the rest of the evening news folks.

I was transported back to high school the other day at a five year old's birthday party. The setting was spectacular; beautiful Western Albemarle county, sunset, great old house with fancy stonework making up the patio, what seemed like hundreds of people. Turns out the father of one of David's classmates went to high school with me, graduated three years before. The feelings of high school came flooding back- not that pleasant really. The father was super nice and Chris & I spent some time chatting with him and his wife. Funny even as far as I have come from high school, I can still conjure up those awful insecurities in a second. Hopefully as I run into more folks and grow more confident in my role as mom, lawyer, citizen the sting wont be so dramatic.

Sunday, October 22, 2006

Neverending Sports

I love staying up late to watch the World Series and football games, but both at the same time leads to deprivation of sleep.

I watched Failure to Launch after months of wanting to watch it- well it was not worth the wait. Too bad. Since motherhood, I have really only wanted to watch comedies with JLo or Julia Roberts or Matthew McConneghy (I dont care that I dont know how to spell it) or Hugh Grant. It is pretty pathetic.

Our Directv is now gone till summer cycling season, although I likely will have to convince Chris to turn it back on after the doping scandals of this season. He is convinced the professional sport is dirty. I cant blame him, but I cling to my conspiracy theories and hope that these guys arent using. One great thing about tivo, is we still have shows on our dvr the boys can watch from Noggin (Dora, Maisy, Backyardigans).

I am sorry to see the Mets out of the World Series- it was a heartbreaking series between St. Louis and the Mets. I am rooting for Detroit as a result (sorry Marijean). Even if Detroit doesnt win, what I am really rooting for is a good series that prolongs the baseball season for a little longer. It is a long winter to spring training without baseball, since Michael Jordan is no longer in the NBA I just dont care about basketball.

Today's sporting events- Pittsburg v. Atlanta (wow what a good game, but I am not a Vick fan); Redskins v. Indianopolis (go Colts) and World Series later. Fortunately I no longer can watch Monday Night Football without ESPN.

So is Tikki really going to retire? I bet all the commentators discussing this possibility are thinking "I hope not, he will take my job" he is good at everything he does.

Saturday, October 21, 2006

Virginia Senate Race

I think Jim Webb is the best candidate. I appreciate his service to this country, his thoughtful and independent voice and respect for Virginia voters. With a son in Iraq, Jim Webb will demand accountability & results in Iraq. Webb is the veteran, he is the fighter, he understands the enormous burden Congress has to be a check on the Executive branch, he will not stand idly by and let the situation deteriorate further.

Vote for Jim Webb.

For those who may not know, George Allen and Jim Webb signed agreements not to use footage from the League of Women Voters debate, so the candidates could speak openly. George Allen is using footage from the debate in an ad running all over the state. He is not a man of his word. Like my dad told me, the only thing a man has is his word.

Beautiful Fall Days

Crazy thing, this weekend is my bloganniversary- one year of blogging. I thought I should perhaps blog this weekend in honor of such an event. Clearly lots of things on my mind, hard to say what I should focus on.

First, election day is Nov. 7th, for goodness sake volunteer to make phone calls, canvass or work the polls (yes I have a vested interest in securing volunteers).

Next, I love my treo, but the other day when I went to synch with my home computer, I lost all the info, but most importantly the calendar, I was horrified, fortunately I have been able to recreate lots of things AND my office computer had a lot of the info on it. Maddening.

Save our Parks? I always like to tell Peter, a great park supporter and transportation guru, people who work in Parks and Rec, well they really want to keep the Parks too. I am not sure how much effect that will have. Something needs to be done, only more houses are going to go up East of town and there is a limited entry and exit point called Free Bridge. While I believe Pen Park is untouchable (it is a great park)- I suppose I thought that about McIntire- so what type of road will we have and what kind of community do we want to have? Roads or Parks? I was at Pen Park yesterday, the place reminds me of all the things I love about living here (the great wooden fence, the leaves all changing colors, kids, tennis, golf, the views are spectacular). I want my kids and their kids to have the sense of wonder from that park that I did yesterday.

Friday, October 06, 2006

Fall rainy days

Turns out that starting a business is pretty time consuming. Who knew? Jim wrote a good post this week on the merits of being a realtor and the difference between the self-employed and the rest, I say most of the same things apply to lawyering your own practice and ditto.

Last weekend's gathering was a success, I proclaim therefore it must be true. I thorougly enjoyed meeting folks. With the prism of names and faces, reading blogs is so much richer. Marijean was on the ball with the first post of the gathering, with all the bloggers links in that post.

My new favorite blog lately has been "Not Your Everyday News". I worked as a waitress for a very long time, I often thought I would write a book of the experience so this blog channels my inner writer of those long ago days. I am somewhat heartened to know the characters & setting may change the stories remain as clever and interesting as ever.

One of my favorite things about reading is trying to determine the veracity of the narrator. The veracity, biases and motives of the narrator certainly determine how one reacts to the story being told, and authors do many things with those voices to stir a reader (I suspect).

What I love about reading, I do not necessarily appreciate about the business world. I am surprised as I find my way in this world. I am always having to examine the motives of the person telling me the story and question, question, question the story so that I can best represent and not be manipulated. Just a few thoughts today...