Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Virginia is the land of Presidents or VPs

I am proud Tim Kaine is being considered for Obama's Vice President. I love being a Virginian, the land of many Presidents (of course all those who know I was born in NJ and lived other places will point out I am not a Virginian, sadly they are correct, BUT MY KIDS ARE VIRGINIANS and they too will have the love and pride associated with it).

I will never forget how Tim Kaine pumped up the crowd in his introduction for Obama at the February JJ Dinner, he was amazing and Obama fed right into the introduction. They were a good team.

I trust Obama to make a good choice, all the names being bandied about are solid choices. I look forward to the excitement the VP position will add to the summer doldrums.

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mckora said...

You are more Virginian than George Allen!