Saturday, April 05, 2008

Hillary's backtracking...

Just from the past week:
Her compelling, dramatic stump story is incorrect.

Another error in judgment with respect to NAFTA and her free trade policies with respect to Columbia (slight international incident follows).

No such thing as a pledged delegate- I have railed against this in the past- we are having our convention soon here in the 5th district (May 17th?) check out our website for additional details (, all of the pledged delegates will be pledged according to the vote we took in February- turncoats need not apply, further you will have some 'splainin' to do if your pledge is changed.

"Obama cant win", "oh wait, I didnt say that", um "thats a no" what are you saying?

Admittedly-politicians stretch, backtrack and mislead, even Obama. The issue for me is the arrogance/paternalism associated with the Clinton's misrepresentations, it reminds me of the Bush-Cheney line, "so?", which means to me "we can lie, we know what is best for you and America."

Change we can believe in, people ask me "change what?" so here is a mini-rant-change to me is telling the truth v. political expediency, truth-finding instead of research based on the desired outcome and trusting the American people (we want the truth and are willing to sacrifice in the best interest of the country- Afghanistan v. Iraq- no wag the dog wars).

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