Monday, April 21, 2008

It seems pretty official

In the WaPo weekly feature involving two strangers dating, the magazine asks the participants to describe their love lives up till now- since I am married, I thought I would describe my take on my post-law school work up till now:
Hard-working, driven lawyer gets bombarded by marital break-ups, abusive parents and hundreds of cases in the first year out of law school (while planning her own wedding) with no training, followed by motherhood, and employment with a hotline organization that doled out free legal advice (not very satisfying for driven lawyer), thought to have ended the path by starting-up a partnership in Charlottesville, turns out there was more to the story.

I am wrapping up business at my law firm to start as an associate at Jones & Green on May 1. I have a new computer thanks to this new law firm- its at the office. I have business cards- that is real official, an email address. Jones & Green is a great law firm, they have been a partnership since 1990 and have been in this community for almost twenty years as lawyers. The practice is general, focusing on civil litigation, estate planning, family, business, personal injury, and real estate. I do some education and contract drafting and disputes. For now the law firm doesnt have a website--this will be my first order of business (fortunately they were planning on getting a site up soon).

Here are varying reactions I have heard
1. "Can I work part-time?" That is Chris' wishful thinking- that cannot happen til at least the kids are out of preschool.
2. "are you sure?" um, yes, but I am trepidatious.
3. "what about your law partner" happily we are on good terms and will continue to remain on good terms (she does elderly law, estate planning, education and guardianships- give her a call for advice/counsel on these issues).

Here are my reactions:
1. Yeah-staff!!
2. Experienced lawyers will mentor me? Yeah!!
3. I dont have to do my own administration work, and someone will write letters/make copies for me? Really? I thought I went to law school just to learn how to work the copier.
4. I can make a salary and not just pay firm bills with my salary?
5. Yeah!!
6. What do you mean I cant take four day weeks and three weeks of vacation in a three month period? What about hour long lunches, or two hour meetings full of political discussions, naps (j/k)?

OK so its almost official- transition is scary, but I remain optimistic.

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Kelly said...

Congratulations! Your new job sounds great!