Friday, April 25, 2008

Ivan Basso will be Back!

Ivan Basso, my favorite bike rider has signed with a ProTour team Liquigas. Basso is confident he can win the Giro again- which is held in his home country of Italy.

The last time he won the Giro- it was emotional- his wife was pregnant, his mother had passed away urging him to win the Giro. Starting in 2009 he will have the opportunity to defend his title so long as those durn bureaucrats decide for some reason or another to prolong his suspension, an unlikely scenario. But one doesn’t have to look far Tyler Hamilton and Floyd Landis among the riders still not able to return to the sport, for reasons not entirely clear and entirely undemocratic and unfair.

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Anonymous said...

Is he going to be too old? I mean, he's been out of professional races for like 3 or 4 years or something!