Friday, September 25, 2009

Heart Disease

I am certain I have heart disease despite only being in my thirties. How do I know this? Let's see- my mother's father died of a heart attack at 59, my father's father had a bypass in his 60's or 70's and my father had a bypass and a heart attack at his relatively youthful (you're welcome) age. I cant avoid it. I do have one thing in my favor- I am a woman, but actually its not as helpful as one would think. Worse yet, my 5 and 6 year old will have heart disease (two boys with history on both sides- goodness we have work to do to make sure they stay active and healthy).

No wonder I am focusing on wellness this year. Seriously- I went to the doctor prior to the events of last week- actually it was about a month ago. The doctor prescribed me PREP (formerly known as 60/60) at ACAC, a mindfulness meditation class and a few other things, none of which were drugs. I like that doctor. The PREP program at ACAC has been particularly helpful. One pays $60 for 60 days of membership at the gym. You are required to go two days a week. My doctor recommends I go 7 days a week (so that I at least go 5 days a week). As a PREP member I have unlimited access to the gym for 60 days. Another post will be on the day I fell in love with ACAC.

I enrolled in the mindfulness class, then realized it was too pricey for the family at this point, especially when Insight Meditation has some classes at much more reasonable rates (not that I have been to those-baby steps).

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Texas- what?

Now I have been to Texas. To be clear I went to Brooks Army Medical Center (BAMC), my dad's house in San Antonio, the airport in San Antonio and the Wal Mart close to my dad's house (we did drive thru a starbucks and a Sonic, but I wont count those b/c I was just in the car). Not really the typical tourist visit, but I hate typical so I dont feel like I missed much (except for Olive Garden and I can get that here, somewhere).

I didnt see the Riverwalk, the Alamo or the Spurs. My dad tells me the Alamo is over rated and that if we have a chance go see the other missions. I didnt really have the chance. The thing about San Antonio is that it is not pretty, it is pavement and suburbia for miles. There is a dome building where the Spurs used to play that is called the armadillo dome because it looks like a dead armadillo-really unattractive.

BAMC is a special place though. First because my dad was healed there thankfully but also because the wounded warriors that are healed in that facility. It was a special privilege for me to pray for the family I met there and the other families/soldiers I didnt meet but saw.

I slept in the waiting room multiple nights, no one bothered me (and I snore). The cafeteria only accepts cash, which I never ever carry, but generous family members provided the money and the meals were so cheap. Admittedly it was difficult to eat for the first few days, not because of the food, but the circumstances, the appetite came around for all of us and the food was nourishing and above average.

We watched a lot of SportsCenter, my dad and I were both so grateful on Saturday and Sunday when we could watch football all day and not the same sports news all day. I like sports news because it really doesnt matter in the grand scheme and no one has an agenda to overthrow our president on SportsCenter.

CT surgeons are my new best friends and post op nursing teams. The surgeon could not have been better, so personable, listened, spent time with us oh and brilliant. Bless that man. Because my step mother and aunt and cousin and I were constantly by my dad's side the care my dad received was exceptional, it helps to have advocates. The nurses were all good. They can get busy so it helps to have family gently reminding or even the patient himself tell the nurse what he needs.

Perhaps my view of Texas would not be so negative if I didnt arrive there under inauspicious circumstances or if San Antonio wasnt in a multi-year drought. Perhaps. I hope my step mother's next assignment is slightly more scenic & closer. I am however grateful to be able to leave Texas w/ a dad who is recovering. Blessings abound so I cannot be too harsh to the state.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Congratulations to Creigh Deeds & Jody Wagner

I am proud to support the democratic ticket (Deeds, Wagner, Shannon).

Creigh Deeds is a man of honor. He is a moderate, he connects with working, middle class people because of his own experience. With him as the nominee, I feel like anything is possible- his optimism surely cannot be matched. His credibility in the General Assembly and with voters in Virginia will allow him to get things done in Richmond in a unifying, not divisive manner.

Jody Wagner - what can I say about her? She dominated. She will provide Bill Bolling the competition he needs. She has made things happen in Virginia- she will as Lt. Gov.

Congratulations to all democrats in Virginia. I am now convinced that a primary, while painful to watch, can build the party.