Friday, October 31, 2008

Major Newspaper Endorsement of Perriello

The Danville Register & Bee endorsed Perriello for Congress this morning.

This is BIG! "On Tuesday, it's time to elect a young man of integrity, energy, faith and hard work. It's time to send Tom Perriello to Congress"

Wednesday, October 29, 2008


VOTE- too late if you didnt register, but if you DID register VOTE.

Really- its important.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008


Trying to focus. Since I only have two posts this month, perhaps drafting a post will help. I am sick of the election, sick of the scandal, horserace etc. I am but one person, barely involved in the day to day.

Happily I am planning a party for election night. Which reminds me, I gotta find some tvs. Is it the 5th yet?

Friday, October 10, 2008


Post politics tweeted an article about the anger at a McCain/Palin rally.

Those irritable rally-goers (enlightening Rolling Stone article on McCain)helped elect Bush twice- their anger is completely misguided. The country has not gone to hell because of Nancy Pelosi (she has been the speaker for 22 months), I dont think she and Harry Reid are strong or effective leaders but they didnt get us in the really critical situation we are in now.

I am angry- angry that Bush lied to us about why we needed to go to Iraq, angry that that I got a rebate check when we needed to pay the debt down or for the wars we are involved in, angry that thousands of our troops have died and are wounded, angry that Republicans dont make Veteran's issues a priority, angry that we let a genocide happen in this decade, like we did last decade, angry that we are no longer the country to mirror, angry that freedom now means unwarranted survelliance, angry that 9/11 is so politicized, I am angry at anyone who wants to tell me what to do w/ my body, well I could go on.

As angry as I am at everything that McCain stands for including the awful way he is running the campaign (we dont call him McSame for nothin'), my side has lost a lot of elections- we will still have to call the winner, Mr. President, come January 20th. I see McCain/Palin hate speech and rally-goers anger very dangerous and indicative of how they would run their administration (the rest of us dont matter- just like GW).

Vote Obama!

Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Tom Perriello for Congress

I have the privilege of serving on a board w/ Neal, news director for NBC29. As much as I loathe the negative ad put out by Perriello's opponent, I recognize it is not the media's problem, it is the opponent. Dont call Neal and yell at him, feel free to watch channel 29 just remember to VOTE and remember to VOTE for Perriello on November 4th! Seriously, Neal isnt the problem, the guy who put the ad up is and if you are angry about it, VOLUNTEER/DONATE and tell your friends in Pittsylvania County (which has a huge population) to VOTE for Tom Perriello.

One thing about Tom I like- the guy is more Virginia than most people I know. I went to high school with him here in what was rural western Albemarle County (before Old Trail and Master Planning Crozet). His father is a doctor and runs a business here in Charlottesville (that employs a lot of people and cares for many of our children).

BTW- having a license to practice law that is in NY does not make one a NY lawyer, in Perriello's case it makes him a lawyer who works internationally against people who are complicit in genocide and terrorism cases. Something I think the incumbent forgot to put in his commercial (among the many other misleading statements in the commercial, the incumbent doesnt rely on truth, or even think the voters deserve it for that matter).What I despise about politics is what the current congressman does- distorts and misinforms. The incumbent does that- he appeals to the worst from people.

Perriello is different in so many ways- but an important difference is his expectation on the best in people.

From his own website: "Washington is broken because for too long, politicians in both parties have been bought and paid for by the special interests. I'm not taking a dime from lobbyists and corporate PACs so that I can fight for you in Washington. Join our people-powered movement."