Sunday, April 06, 2008

MP3 downloads- who knew it was so easy and fun??

I heard a Prince song on the radio this afternoon from the Purple Rain album. My family used to have this album back in the 80’s and I have no idea what happened to it. I have lots of nostalgia about it that I won’t bore you with at this moment. But I really want the album, it is a classic and I thought I should order it/buy it/yadda yadda.

So Chris and the boys are driving home from their weekend away, and I am surfing Amazon- I can download the mp3 right now and be listening to it in a second!! I have CDs burned to my Media Center but I have never downloaded music from the internet. BUT NOW I HAVE!!! The practice of law will be much improved with my ability to choose songs to listen with one click!

Purple Rain is an amazing album and I am glad to have it on my computer. In a musical twist, I also bought the Rodney Atkins song “These are my People.”

I soon may not be able to resist the power that I have to buy all these songs I like (for $.99).


kt said...

Just be careful. You'll be buying just one song or album every so often and then bam! You're buying seventy-six albums a day.

Jennifer said...

thanks for the very appropriate warning. I can see how that could happen.

Anonymous said...

It's disgusting how much time and money I spend searching for and buying all the music I love, even from way back in the day. Thats why I ask for gift cards for holidays to buffer the amount that I actually spend... time ,however cannot be so easily compensated. I LOVE IT though!!

Anonymous said...

I have no idea how to sign my name but it's your brother above!!DjMcKeever

Jennifer said...

Now I know the power and magic of the download. I am late to the game, but I probably saved money by being late.