Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Here I am

Because my legions of fans are eagerly awaiting my next post (hey Pauline, hey Joe), I thought now is the time.

Some random things
- David and Andrew are in school, we went apple picking at Wayland's orchard last week, we have lots of apples. Chris made a delicious apple oatmeal the other day.

-I have a new nephew, very handsome, very good. He is only 9 days old, I got to meet him when he was 4 days old. He barely cries, that was never my experience. He sleeps a lot, again not my experience.

-Boys & Girls Club Challenge was Sunday, those riders are impressive (including Chris who rode the last 1/3 of the Century with one of the kids and then rode back to Charlottesville). The boys and I had cheered and had a nice lunch. I was surprised, I was stationed at Plank and Ortman Rd (691), for a Sunday morning there was a ton of traffic AND people are flying. I remember flying around those curves but there wasnt nearly as much traffic. Also, one fellow didnt stop when I asked him to let the riders go by. Fine, you dont have to legally, but that just doesnt seem very polite. I appreciated growing up out there because people are polite and would wave to you and help you out when your engine died, or drove into a ditch during a snow storm or help change a flat. Is that all lost out there now? I know I try not to judge an entire culture on the actions of one fellow but he was the last and only car that didnt stop and he was rude about it.

-I am in Leadership Cville (LC for future reference) a leadership program sponsored by the Chamber of Commerce (Holly is in LO Leadership Orange). Two weeks ago we discussed politics at the Miller Center. At the last minute, former Gov. Bailes spoke to us briefly. He is an amazing speaker and leader. I actually had to write down what he said to remember it. "Leadership is context, preparation and persuasion," he spoke about it a little more. I was honored.

-My brother got married- yeah! Fun times were had by all, some more than others. :)

-It wasnt the worst vacation ever, it just took a little while to recover.
Busy, busy.