Thursday, April 17, 2008

News from the Mudhouse

Mudhouse now accepts credit cards!! Oh happy day.

And the Mudhouse raised its prices, Bummer.

My au lait used to cost $3.00, now it costs $3.22.

However, if you have a Mudhouse card, and you buy 15 items you get a free coffee drink (I dont think that has changed).


StLmom said...

Is the price the same, cash or credit? Wonder if the Mudhouse on 29 raised prices, too? Will be off to investigate!

Jennifer said...

Yep cash and credit are the same AND no minimums for credit.

Patience_Crabstick said...

Oh Happy Day indeed! I respect that small business feel bilked by the expense of accepting credit cards, but in this world of direct-deposit pay checks, who has cash anymore?

Jennifer said...

I absolutely agree! Now if the parking garages would get on board. Who else is left? Chaps- I had to go to Splendora the other day because Chaps didnt accept credit cards. Splendora is lovely and delicious, but sometimes a girl wants Chaps.

StLmom said...

Investigated. No price hike at 29N Mudhouse; no credit, either, HOWEVER, mochas now have two shots of espresso (as of Monday, April 14).

Your coffee correspondant,


Jennifer said...

We are the coffee beat- pretty small beat, but obviously very important.