Thursday, December 16, 2010

Snow Day

Around this time last year, we had some snow, which was then followed by a winter where we received the most snow ever recorded in Charlottesville. This snow could foreshadow a repeat of last year or it could be the only snow we receive this year or something in between.

The boys had a quintessential December snow day. They played hard with neighbors, sled down hills with friends, and topped it off by "getting the band back together" (Rock Band). In between they decorated a ginger bread house, drank hot chocolate, watch a bit of tv and ate some Christmas cookies. They fell into bed exhausted but filled up from all the fun. I hope they remember these days with the same reverence that I will.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

The lawyer in me

Today a client told me that Cuccinelli is a treasure. As a lawyer I can see his point. I have represented clients that others abhore. I remind those who judge that I represent people, I do not speak for myself as a lawyer. The thing is I actually separate my politics from my legal career- in that I do not promote my own political agenda through legal methods, I represent clients, luckily I do not venture into criminal law.

Today I read the account of the motion to quash hearing in the Love murder, and I thought "his lawyers are what make lawyers look bad." In my non-legal opinion, the defendant's strategy is despicable. I have to remind myself that the attorneys are doing their job, as I have done before in ways that other attorneys have thought abhorrent. While there is much to discuss I will save those issues for another day. My point is the defendant's attorneys are doing their constitutional obligations to protect the defendant's rights.

I recognize that Cuccinelli is politically motivated in the health care reform lawsuit but this lawsuit asks a question, an interesting one. Does the federal government have the right to tell every person in America to buy health insurance? I am not such an expert in the commerce clause to argue the nuances. I do however think Congress has a good reason to want Americans to buy health insurance since it costs billions of dollars every year to keep the Medicaid system viable, if it is viable and the un/underinsured weigh down our world class health system. The lawyer in me can see the benefit of answering the important question answered.

It is a funny when I clearly distinguish my political and legal instincts and they are so at odds. I can see both sides of the issue(s)- it doesnt make me any less passionate about what I do believe, although sometimes it means I have to find better reasons for those beliefs. I doubt that is so bad.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Political times

My good friend Peter Kleeman is on a 20 day Semester at Sea cruise. He will be going through the Panama Canal on Christmas Day, it sounds so awesome.

Peter participates in a weekly "Crossfire" type segment on ABC 16 on Tuesdays at 7:00PM newscast. I will be filling in for him while he is gone. This week's topic is Webb's reelection potential based on the Clarus poll that was released yesterday.

Senator Webb has not announced his intention to run for reelection at this time, so my first point is this discussion is that it is a wee premature. Having said that, I hope that the Senator will run again. I have only had a brief opportunity to see Senator Webb in person in 2008 when he came to Charlottesville to endorse then-candidate Tom Perriello. Senator Webb has impressed me with his independence, his willingness to take on issues no other Senator will and his unwavering commitment to veterans.

The poll and media accounts suggest that there may be a hard road for Senator Webb if he seeks reelection. To be fair, his first election was not an easy road. The only race that Sen. Webb was not winning in this hypothetical poll is to Governor McDonnell. Governor McDonnell is wildly popular in Virginia and democrats are not, so that Sen. Webb appears to win in two other hypothetical races I think shows strength. Sen. Webb knows how to fight for Virginians and w/ his track record in the Senate, I think Virginia voters will see the good work and know that he represents all of us w/ distinction.

To see what Joe Thomas thinks of this poll and find out more of my thoughts on the subject, tune into tonight's 7:00 news on ABC 16!