Tuesday, April 22, 2008

PA Primary night

I am glued to the computer awaiting polling (real, not exit) results. This is one of the fun things about politics, waiting for the polls to close and getting results- until your guy loses or it wraps up way early in a landslide victory.

But as I surf, this headline from ABConline greets me- Anticipating Win, Clinton Asks Why Obama Can't 'Close the Deal'
Now I just feel sick. I really cant stand the way she politicks, or the media for feeding into her BS.

So many things wrong with the logic:
1. Why cant you win Hillary?
2. Why cant you win on your own without smearing your opponent using the pages of Rove's playbook?
3. UM, have some results come back that say definitively you won, its only 8:04 by my clock?
4. Why havent you closed the deal Hillary?
I am so sick of politics as usual the way she eptimizes it.

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