Monday, April 14, 2008

Elitism, bitterness

I just read a blog post on VABlogNewsNet or whatever (see sidebar), that tried to call out Dems for accepting liars in our country (and used the term Barack Hussein Obama- clearly not someone I want to highlight on my blog). I did however find it hysterical that this fellow was appalled Democrats accepted liars in their candidates.

I read the whole article and the blogger was oblique- did not actually mention this alleged lying. I cant help but wonder why this guy would accept such liars in the White House, people who would stretch the meaning of the word torture and then actually torture people in the name of safety, or start wars in the name of hypothetical WMDs, then restate the reasons for the war to reflect their own interests and not actual reality? Finally these liars- I have to assume this blogger supports the Republicans- even if he doesnt believe they are misrepresenting the truth at every turn- have never been concerned with telling the truth to the American people- how can he accept that? National Security, perhaps?

Hypocrisy is rampant, I try hard to check myself, but it is difficult not to be a hypocrite. The people I support however arent trying to hurt more American lives through endless war brought on by these lies fed to us by this administration.

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