Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Neverending spring cold/allergies/cough/flu

It's been a month since we were in NC with sick children, I have been healthy about 48 hours since then. Today I went to the doctor for the third time in a month (not counting the children's multiple appointments). She gave me five different drugs to take, including an asthma med, Zyrtec, nasal spray, Mucinex D, and ... one other thing I cant remember. She says if I dont feel better in 3-4 days, I can fill the script for antibiotics (a different one than I was on early this month).
So for all those sick of my cough- it may be going away, then perhaps I will be able to sleep and otherwise function again. I have no coherent diagnosis but who cares, I have drugs.


jenny miller said...

I think to try alternative therapies will be more good for you. I also had same kind of problem of yours. But after Homeopathy treatment, quite well than previous. A few days ago I found http://www.rvita.com. You will surely get lots of information about this chronic disease and its remedies.

Jennifer said...

I tried the homeopathic remedies first- because I hate taking all these medications-desperate times though...thanks for the link!