Monday, April 28, 2008

Foxfield Weekend Recap

Foxfield is totally different with children. I didn’t really get to wander and see the randomness and chaos that is FF (until the end when the rain forced us to head out at the same time-talk about chaos).

We found a babysitter and I am not telling you who it is- he is an anomaly. He went to FF, sober driver, didn’t want to party after FF and was happy to come over and watch our children sleep while he studied (I mean we even have guitar hero and he didn’t even play video games). The babysitter gave us the opportunity to go out on Saturday night with our friends.

So what did we do with our evening? Baby Mama drama (which may be a long commercial for Karaoke Revolution because now I want that video game), Gamestop drama (for preordered Mario Kart at Midnight), late night with friends and finally to bed. I am a bit bummed we didn’t go to the bars- I say this even though I don’t drink. With the children, I didn’t get to socialize so much at FF, so I kind of wanted to hang out and talk with old/new people. Perhaps this Friday.

I am easily entertained- I enjoyed Baby Mama even in its predictability. A rousing endorsement by me on music or movies should not sway you to do anything different. And at the risk of repeating myself I kicked Greg’s behind in Ms. Pac Man!!! I rock at those 1980’s video games.

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