Monday, June 05, 2006

Its a Carnival

Colten is outraged and he cant take it anymore. Which of course only encourages the grumpy one- especially the lively debate in the comment section; what do you think?

Trish went to Louisa. Whenever she goes anywhere, she brings her camera. I love the photos and commentary.

Cvilleblogs has lots of specialty blogs, including the LDBlog. This post describes the difficulty one candidate for public office had getting through school as a result of his learning disability.

Joyful Cooking had a rib-off; I was on the edge of my seat waiting for the delicious looking photos. It was worth the wait & when I have time I look forward to making them. A guest cooker made apple walnut muffins, I just cant get my muffins to come out well so I liked her tips (the box just seems so easy and the muffins look right).

Patience got beets. The post combines a new vacuum with the CSA loot of the week. She got beets- I got friggin kale. I want SOME BEETS please anything but GREENS (frankly I love the lettuce & I would love to get some spinach BUT kale? That is a garnish where I used to work). Why even bother planting Kale? OK sorry I went ranting and this is supposed to be a carnival.

Lexi- your post about shopping for suits was too long ago to be included in this carnival; but shop, shop, shop. Lexi is having a great summer as a summer associate in Philadelphia with a partner suite for her office. Is the car service ok? I hope it doesnt come too early. Let the name calling begin (just kidding).

What do these people do? The name does not lend itself to knowing, well I learned this week they design/develop websites and this shopify thing I dont know what it is, but someone does & the company seems real excited about it, perhaps we should be too.

Duane in his normally pithy manner highlighted a Rolling Stone article, which led to this fervent discussion on Waldo's blog.

A post by Jim caught my attention; one on the Builder's Blitz that Habitat for Humanity is in the midst of. I really appreciate his take on local real estate matters.

StLWorkignMom has a way of gently pointing out the obvious so that if we are making some of these very errors we can correct the problem.

Jeanine is busy reminding the restaurant world how small cville can be...

Helena's blog had a tribute to Kimberly Dozier, who was injured in a car bomb explosion on Memorial Day, two of her colleagues and one soldier were killed. Kimberly appears to be improving.

I think that is enough for now. Waldo will ask Cameron to host next week, unless YOU want to (let Waldo know)...


jocelyn said...

We buy a huge bag of greens each week. My husband is convinced that adequate consumption of pot liquor is the key to turning into a Southern Gentleman.

Me? I just love greens, especially kale. Want some recipes that may sway your antipathy over toward cranky enjoyment?

TrvlnMn said...

Please explain to me what the hell is "pot liquor"??

Although I grew up in these parts I guess I've been away long enough for such terms to be just as strange as greek.

Duane Gran said...

Good round up. I'm always happy to add my pith. :)

Jennifer said...

I would love some recipes for Kale! Email

Jennifer said...

I want to know what pot liquor is too.

jocelyn said...

Ah, being a damnyankee, I refer to potlikker as "pot liquor". Forgive me, I was born north of the Mason-Dixon.

And if those comments weren't sarcastic, potlikker is the broth/liquid left after cooking up a pot of greens. It's a panacea, so my husband claims. (I'm not sure what ails him, either, but with pot liquor it just might not matter.)

Recipes will be in the mail tomorrow.