Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Iraq, tv, support troops

Last night's Frontline was another winner. The show gave the Bad Voodoo National Guard platoon cameras and the troops taped their thoughts and actions over the past nine months. Bad Voodoo isnt home yet so the ending isnt definitive, but I will keep watching online and praying for their safe return.

One fellow had broken up with his girlfriend over his leave, it had been 'rocky' while he was in Iraq so when he returned home they decided to take a break. The kid is young for sure, only 22. That is just one story in the platoon, there are thirty guys. The director of the documentary is very good at telling the stories (including when the IED blows up in front of an Iraqi checkpoint and the powerlessness of the platoon in the face of a crappy mission and anonymous enemies).

Bad Voodoo has a website, here is something you can do- send a care package- here is where you can learn more about Bad Voodoo and how to support them.

I am sure other platoons have websites, search for some, perhaps more obscure ones and help them out if you wish.

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mckora said...

We watched it too. Thanks for posting the info.