Monday, April 03, 2006


Happily I attended the Fifth District dinner for Democrats on Friday night, apparently there has not been one in quite awhile because everyone on the bus said this was their first time attending.

I realized really I like Al, I am going to support Al for the nomination to run against Virgil. One of these days I will have time to detail why I like Al, but in the meantime, in the interests of full disclosure "Go AL!"

One of the great things about being in Central Virginia, I get to shake hands with lots of politicians even at well-attended dinners. Some may not find that fun, I do.


Lown said...

Each has their cup of tea.

mckora said...

I just read the first Paragraph of Virgil's web page. Can ya'll good people of Central VA please retire him from Congress.

I'd appreciate it.

Michael Snook said...

I didn't know there were other blog people at the dinner! (besides Waldo, can't miss him) I'm glad you've made up your mind on Al. He's a true progressive patriot and he'll do the Democrats proud in November!

(My turn for full disclosure: I've made up my mind to support Al too and I'm volunteering on a regular basis. I encourage you to do the same -- volunteer.)

Michael Snook said...

P.S. The yard signs are here and I've seen several up already. This from an email from Sherry Craft, Party Co-Chair:
They look fabulous! Pick them up at campaign headquarters: 107 E. Main St., on the downtown mall. Or call the office: 296-1865

Unless you have an objection I plan to excerpt you on my blog, as soon as I finish this paper (school) and get a chance to blog something local. Thought you might like to know :)

Jennifer said...

Thanks for all the comments, it is only fun if people are reading or quoting my blog!
Thanks for the info on signs, I am going with the sticker, since hardly any traffic comes down this way.

Chris said...

When does my car get a sticker?