Tuesday, March 28, 2006

trip to NYC

As a public service to all those seeking pedicures, I am happy to report that the outer boroughs of NYC have the best and cheapest. OK I really dont know that for a fact, what I do know is that the pedicures are awesome and cheap compared to nova and cville.

I honestly havent been pedicuring that long so my experience is not that broad. The most I paid for a pedicure was prior to my wedding- $45 at Bristles. Mary told me it was worth it and it was- think paraffin and this wonderfully exhilirating mint lotion. Cheapest prior to my NYC experience was $25- which was in Falls Church (Idylwood Plaza). Mostly I pay around $30 for one in Virginia, of course none of those prices include tip.

SO how delighted was I when two years ago Wendy told me about the cheap pedicures available in NYC? How is that even possible, everything is more expensive in NYC? Marina and I immediately planned a trip to investigate the validity of W's claim. Happily we discovered the claim is true. I paid $15 for a pedicure in Dec. 2004 and in March 2006.

Call the Starlight Express, book a trip to the outer boroughs of NYC and get a pedicure (tip generously). Or just the next time you happen to be in the area visiting family, plan a spontaneous trip to the nail salon. A fun time will surely be had at an extremely reasonable price.

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