Tuesday, April 18, 2006

School Board Candidates

Opportunities to meet candidates for School Board abound. Last night several of the candidates met at the Gordon Avenue library for a forum sponsored by the local branch of NAACP (apparently NBC 29 did not deem it newsworthy enough for its website). I ran into three of the candidates (four were present but I did not get a chance to talk with Juandiego Wade) last week. I am happy to report all of them want to close the achievement gap.

I met Leah Puryear, Charlie Kollmansperger and Ned Michie. I will be attending some other forums to get to know other candidates. Obviously this is the first school board election, get to know the candidates and vote for those who are qualified for the position. I have my ideas on who to vote although I want to hear all the candidates then make a final decision. I know all of you will be awaiting my endorsements- te he.

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