Saturday, April 29, 2006


Spurred by Waldo's new aggregator, I have to ask is my blog political? (Just want to mention- prior to starting this blog, never felt the need to use the word aggregator).

I reviewed some of the blogs on the aggregator and most are strictly political. However, I would describe Waldo's blogs as a mixed bag not purely political, not purely personal. So should I put myself on the new aggregator?

1) exposure.

1) being part of the problem, not the solution

Let me explain this one a bit. I do not see myself as partisan. Certainly others will disagree with me on many if not all of my views. By partisan I mean "a firm adherent to a party , faction, cause, or person; especially : one exhibiting blind, prejudiced, and unreasoning allegiance". I like the blog to personally and politically test hypotheses.
I am more of the Jon Stewart model of politics "the absurdity of the system provides us the most material. And that is best served by sort of the theater of it all, "
I enjoy politics, but no one is ever right & to constantly argue you are, which of course a blog generally does, would mean no room for compromise, negotiation or gray area. I live in gray area, I prefer relationships to partisanship (ugh).

2) No special access to the powers that be so no real insight besides what I read on blogs and from mass media (and Coy Barefoot).
With my vast amount of free time (j/k), the polical blogs I read (besides the ones featured on cvilleblogs) are RaisingKaine, One Man's Trash (specifically labeled republican on my favorites list) & of course Bacon's Rebellion. All of these sites add to the discussion in a productive helpful way. They are advocates, but generally provide a new dimension to the discussion.

So I suppose, I will post on the issues and candidates I find intriguing, but if I dont want to go to the James Webb rally, I dont have to. There is freedom in not being a political blog.

Thanks Waldo for the new aggregator!


Michael Snook said...

I would say your blog is not political. You seem to write about politics as it intersects with your real life, rather than for its own value. But that's what I like about your perspective. You're a real human being and you haven't drunk anyone's kool-aid (neither of which can be said about most political bloggers).

I say if you want to throw your lot in with the aggregator blogs, do it! And if you feel like writing more about politics I encourage you to do that as well; you don't need "access" to be a unique and meaningful addition to the discourse.

Waldo Jaquith said...

It's rather a burden running a blog that's classified as something: a political blog, a technical blog, a religion blog, whatever. Because you develop a reader base that's quickly bored by your writing about anything else. And I'm like you in that I want to write about all kinds of stuff. So, despite running a political blog, I just go ahead and do it. It's not like I'm making any money on this, anyhow. :)

Jennifer said...

I appreciate the comments fellas; all good points.

Curt said...

What are you, a lawyer or something? If there is one thing I know about politics - and I'm pretty sure there isn't-, it's that it has nothing to do with intellect and logic [however policy-making/executing does, therin lies the rub), but has everything to do with personal experience and emotion. So, blogs like yours and Waldo's are argueably the most political, because they are about real discussion and real experiences; some in the political theatre, and some not - which makes them all extremely politically relevant. Or something like that...

And, you're way too specific with your definiton of partisan. I'm just as independent as any real person, and I emphasize real. But belonging to a party, to me, is all about collaborating for the power of numbers to support common beliefs. I often don't agree with individual party members, and sometimes don't agree with the conventional wisdom of the party. But I know I can be much more effective as an individual if I am part of the party. And I suspect you feel the same - running for a delegate and all. If saying your partisan relieves you of free will, then I'm with you 100%, but I don't think that is the case. I think you and I are two pretty smart, individual, partisan people. Maybe.