Monday, April 24, 2006


I am not sure the caucus would have been as much fun if I was supporting the losing candidate. Since this was my first caucus I had virtually no idea what to expect. Since I am a lawyer, I did research it a bit and discovered the Call to Caucus and Rules for the meeting on the cville dems website, so I felt like I had some knowledge going in.

After the Chair had been elected, speeches were made. Speeches were fun, the time limit was 3 minutes (thanks to Rich Collins for enforcing that very important rule). Francis Fife, Michael Snook, Brian Carr, Helena (didnt catch her last name) and Kevin Lynch all spoke in support of Al. Charlie Barbour (former mayor of Charlottesville?), Mitch Van Yahres and Bern spoke in support of Bern's nomination (maybe someone else but I cant remember, NOTE for next time- draft notes if I am going to blog about these things).

I had prefiled as a delegate for Al Weed; 24 people had. Al Weed supporters numbered 115, Bern Ewert had 51 (or was it 54). Therefore Al secured 12 delegates (+6 alternates), honestly dont ask me about the math, ask Lloyd Snook about the math. Happily Al won 12 delegates, I thought that was an impressive showing for Bern's hometown. I will find out soon enough whether I am a delegate, I would love to go to the convention, but I will support Al either way.


Curt said...

Jennifer, I can't believe that it took me until today to put together that this is your blog. Congratulations, you were elected as a delegate for Al in Charlottesville, here is the complete list.

Brian Carr
Helena Cobban
Francis Fife
Paul Gaston
Angela Gleeson
Curt Gleeson
Jennifer McKeever
Katherine McNamara
Nila Saliba
Joan Schatzman
Anna Scholl
Michael Snook

Elected alternates:

Virginia Germino
William Hendricks
David Lee
Tatyanna Patten
James Ruffner
Matthew Zogby

Jennifer said...

Thanks for the info! I am looking forward to the convention and of course the campaign.

Dave Norris said...

Hey Jennifer,

Good to meet you last night and congratulations on winning your hard-fought election!! Knock 'em dead at the convention. :-)

Dave Norris

Michael Snook said...

Wow, me too (to Curt). Luckily I got it before I read his comment, but still. Congrats on your delegatitude.