Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Amazing Race

I have never watched Amazing Race before this season (this is the 9th season). BUT I regularly read Lisa deMoraes chats and people constantly ask about that show "when is coming on again?" is a favorite mantra of diehard fans when the show is off air. I hate CBS in general so I never really thought to watch it; my thought was always "what is all the fuss?"

So I was flipping the channels one Tuesday night at 10 and found the show (the first one of this season). I have enjoy the show immensely- the music, the suspense, the bickering couples, the beautiful scenary lost on the intense competitors, the way no one can read a map, & the formula- it leads to a generally satisfying conclusion every week. So if you are sick of crime drama shows, the show now airs on Wednesday night at 8 on CBS (ugh) before turning the channel to Lost on ABC at 9. Thankfully I find nothing on at 10 so I can blog about the twists and turns of my tv life. Pathetic.

More pathetic- I like the hippies and Jeremy/Eric duo- I like the competence they have shown. I do enjoy the drama of Fran & Barry- it never seems like they are going to make it, but they perservere. Lake & Michelle were sent packing tonight, finally. Lake and Michelle fought too much and not in a funny way since their kids may someday watch them on the show.

Lost was slow but good tonight, I am a big fan of Jack and Kate so of course I loved it!

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