Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Campaign Messages

Much has been made about Al's new campaign flyer. I am not a fan of negative campaigning, BUT Al had to respond to the negative theme of Bern's campaign (I am trying to see how many times I can say the word 'campaign' what is a good synonym for campaign anyway?). Bern's "we can win" seems benign but is a dig at Al for essentially being too nice.

And it is true Al is a quality candidate, the constituents of the 5th district are fortunate he is willing to run again. His previous experience bolsters his chances of winning against Virgil. He has learned a lot.

Now to the flyer- Al had to demonstrate he is willing to go all out to win. The tone of Al's campaign is much more aggressive; this caucus process has kept the campaign on its (his) toes and honed the message for the general election. I am optimistic Al has hired (enlisted?) the right people to help win both the caucus and the general election.

On the other hand, Bern's campaign- where are they? Can you really win when you are content to rest on your previous bureaucratic experience and attack your opponent? Obviously, I am not convinced Bern has the right experience for the House, he has a strong friend in Mitch Van Yahres because of his City Manager job over twenty years ago with Charlottesville.

I think the district needs to move into the future. Al has great ideas to replace jobs in Southside where good manufacturing jobs have been moved overseas. His experience in the the military gives him a unique perspective to view to current threats facing our country.

As you faithful readers know (hi dad!) I support Al Weed. Vote for Al Weed in your local caucuses.


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