Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Paramount News

This evening the theater was jammed full of happy ticket holders. The Miami Ballet company came to dance for the audience. It is wonderful to have the such wonderful performances in cville. Bill Cosby is all set for the weekend!

The Paramount's season comes to a close in May, with slightly more than 50 shows this season. Next year the Paramount expects to host more than 80 shows.

When you attend a show at the Paramount MOST of the folks in black and white garb are volunteers. We are ably managed by the House Manager, but alas we are volunteers, mostly interested in a night out & meeting people. I really appreciate all the great people I have met as a volunteer.

Recent cost cutting measures featured lay offs of some very part-time employees. It was awkward of course when volunteers took their places. As an advocate for workers, I found this troubling, but as a business person/former non-profit employee, I understand hard choices have to be made. I am not an expert at the Paramount's business model, but I fear with next year's full calendar, 30-40 volunteers will be harder to find for all the shows.

Tonight's marquee drink was a smashing success, a mojito. I think that drink could help the Paramount get in the black very quickly (although will I ever get the smell of lime off of me?).

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