Thursday, April 06, 2006

Locust Trees

I called the City today to see if the sidewalk plans between Calhoun and Smith on Locust includes replacing the (at least) ten trees being removed for the project.

The City returned my call promptly and left a message. Apparently some of the plantings will be replaced, but not all of them. The trees help make Locust Avenue the beautiful, historic street it is. I want the saga to be over and to have sidewalks already, so I wont rant too much, the issue has already been too divisive.

This from last post:

1) Locust Avenue trees between Calhoun and Smith street- sadly the pink tags around the trees mean they are to go. I saw three gorgeous trees in full bloom on the ground. WHY? Sidewalk. I am giving the masterminds of this plan the benefit of the doubt and hoping the plan includes the addition of some new trees. The three trees are just the beginning at least that many more are set for destruction on this block with the addition of a sidewalk. The Hook had an article on the controversy surrounding this sidewalk. A good citizen rounded up the landowners and created a plan they could go along with and now that plan has been enacted. Frankly I am glad the mess is behind us, but too bad about the trees. Fingers crossed for new trees.

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Lown said...

TREES! The excitement of trees is never ending. Not only for their prettiness, but they can provide shade. So, when you are walking at three in the afternoon, the sun doesn't get in your eyes. I need to call you. I'll do that later.