Saturday, April 29, 2006

Tour of Shenandoah- Waynesboro

Sunday the Tour of Shenandoah comes to Waynesboro in the form of an exciting criterium. Criteriums are fun to watch- they are quick and the cyclists pass the point where you are sitting a bunch of times so you can watch as the race unfolds.

The Tour of Shenandoah has been going on since Tuesday in Virginia. The first five stages are pro only events and include teams like Colavita Olive Oil/Sutter Home Wines,Priority Health Cycling Team, Trek/VW/Byvic Financial Services, which you probably havent heard of (me neither) but Cool Honey's friends 2 skinny pros appear to be on one of these teams, now having looked at their blog- at least one of them appears to be riding in it.

ALL Of that to say- RIDE TO WAYNESBORO on Sunday and WATCH the professionals race!

Chris will be racing, he is not a professional. The Tour has an the Ed Elliot Omnium, which means amateur riders get to race in a few of the stages the pros race in. Today he completed the time trial, tomorrow the criterium. Things didnt go quite so well in the time trial (his first) and he had severe allergy issues but he finished in less time than he thought on a very challenging course. Looking at the pro's results for this race all I have to say is 'man those guys are tough' one guy finished 15.1 miles in 29.55- fargin insane!

We are the family with the almost three year old shouting "GO Daddy" and pumping his arms wildly, stop by for a chat.

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