Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Making sausage

I am very excited to attend the caucus on April 24 at 7:00 Buford Middle School (City of Charlottesville/Monticello High School for Albemarle County). The caucus will nominate a Democratic candidate to run against Virgil Goode. Caucuses will be held throughout the district on four or five dates (some are TBA acc to the website). If you have received a letter from the campaigns, get out to the caucus and participate in democracy! For purposes of disclosure, I did volunteer with Al's campaign last week (once a decision is made, I move forward with gusto).

Historic City Council/School Board Elections will be held May 2- THIS IS THE LAST MAY ELECTION IN CHARLOTTESVILLE, Council and School Board will be held in November from now on.

May 20- convention for Democrats to officially nominate a candidate to run against Virgil, in Buckingham.

June- primary to elect a candidate to run against George Allen (this is getting a lot of blog play by people who care A LOT about their particular candidate).

Then amazingly no elections again until remember to register to vote then actually vote. Democracy is fun!


Brian Wheeler said...

Jennifer - I want to make sure you know about the resources for the City Council election available on Charlottesville Tomorrow's website.

We will have auido and written transcripts of all the candidate forums as well as our interviews with each candidate on growth and development issues. You can sign up for our action alerts too. Best,
Brian Wheeler
Executive Director
Charlottesville Tomorrow

Anonymous said...
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Michael Snook said...

So glad to hear you're involved! Saturday is our big volunteer day, since half of the convention's delegates are selected on Monday, and we'll be phone-banking like crazy this weekend. We're also going to be walking in the Dogwood parade Saturday morning, so if you want to help walk and pass out flyers, or ride in the truck (apparently Al cut the back off an old checkered taxi and turned it into a flatbed) email me: michael.snook at

No peer pressure, I'd just hate for you to want to help and not know how. Oh, and I'm one of Al's delegates at the caucus, so vote for ME! (And by "me" I mean "Al")