Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Is Landis the man to beat at the Tour?

Floyd Landis has won two major stage races in the United States this year, the Tour of California and the Tour of Georgia. Since he apparently isnt racing in the Giro, he must be the man to beat at the Tour de France. Basso, Ullrich and many other fine riders are racing the Giro in Italy in May- will this help them in the Tour?
Landis is not my rider (although he would be good on my Fantasy cycling team- because I am doing that this year for the Tour). I want him to lose- but so far he hasnt. Ugh, it will be a long season if Landis keeps winning.

For all those who say it is great to have such a strong American rider- I do agree. But I will support Tom Danielson (Team Discovery), Dave Zabriskie, Bobby Julich, Christian Vandevelde (all CSC), and probably others I dont know about right now.

Rant on coverage: This is about the time of year I complain about the Washington Post's cycling coverage. Cycling coverage at WP consists of letting its readers know when an Italian court dismisses a case against now retired Lance Armstrong. Two major races have happened this year in the US and the Post has barely a word about it. I am happy that horse racing results have been eliminated from the sports section, but it is time to add a word or two about cycling.

The main reason the Post should cover cycling in its Sports section is lots of people love cycling and follow it. Chris is in his second season of racing- unless you sign up on the first day, the races are always full and hard to get into (all of them). Hundreds of cyclists come out every weekend to race, they drive to far away places to get to the next race. These riders BUY a lot of stuff (ask Craig); they are a great market for advertisers. The failure of the mainstream media has been a boon to bloggers and internet media outlets, but I would love to see a sport I love covered by the mainstream media (even when Lance isnt riding). (Frankly I think it would be pretty easy for WP or other paper to get boxscore type story on the important races of the week from these internet sources therefore the paper wouldnt have to allocate a bunch of resources to covering the events).

In all fairness, I just did a search on WP and a lot of cycling stories came up "AP online" was the tagline, so I dont think they were published in the paper; but it is noteworthy that stories exist in the mainstream internet media.

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