Thursday, April 27, 2006

Andrew Talks!

Finally at almost 22 months Andrew understandably verbally tells me his desire to have juice for the first time this morning. I asked him "do you want some juice" and he answered "uuucce" very clearly & loudly saying to me, his mommy, he wants juice. I am so happy I could cry.

He is also saying "bread" & "all done" (and of course the usual "NO" and "MINE" his two first and favorite words). I am hoping this new found interest in talking will alleviate the need to cry whenever his needs are not being met. Fingers crossed.


Jim Duncan said...

Jennifer - Now the challenge is getting him to stop talking. :)

My younger is 26 months and she is able to communicate almost everything she needs to - it is truly wonderful to hear her say "chocolate milk"!


mckora said...

Jennifer used to say " Chocca mic". I love listening to kids when they begin talking. Thanks for sharing.

K said...

Isn't that the most wonderful feeling? :) I can still so clearly remember when Nbb started forming words and realizing that we understood what he was saying. You could see it in his little face...he just wanted to communicate! It's hard for me to believe that he's this wonderfully articulate almost-8 year old little man now. Thanks for sharing your story and bringing back my own memories! :)

Jennifer said...

He is talking more everyday! He even says "there it is" after I say it. Whole sentences, fantastic stuff. David is very excited about telling grandma that Andrew can talk now. I am loving this.