Saturday, April 29, 2006

Brutish security/show of force analogy?

City Mouse has another post I found interesting.

She writes about a security officer at the pavilion who harassed her at a concert this weekend. Chris and I were talking about the security at Foxfield, which involved at least 250 Albemarle County police officers. I have not been to FF in a long, long time, I always had a great time whenever I did go, despite being sober driver. I even saw horses. Apparently the police officers arrested over 100 people today for various infractions. (On our way to one FF...ok I wont tell that story darn that was a good time though.)

When an organization puts 250 officers in a place with 20,000 horse racing enthusiasts (because that is what they are, I swear I saw horses) what are they expecting to happen? Is that a normal ratio for events that size? If so, great. A show of force, is that what cville really needs on a beautiful spring day at the races? I dont want kids to drink, I certainly dont want people to drive when they have been drinking, or fight (why why why do boys who have been drinking want to fight and be obnoxious? Friends dont let friends get in fights when they have been drinking).

My point is I have the utmost respect for our law enforcement officers.
My second point is, sometimes people not doing anything wrong cross the path of someone (who may be security) who is in a bad mood and harasses them or otherwise abuses his/her authority creating more tension while not helping to actually secure the event.

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