Saturday, May 03, 2008

What I woke up to this morning

Last night was not too late of a night, but it was a long week and Chris is sick so we slept in a little. OK kind of a lot- it was around 10 when I finally heard something I couldnt ignore from the boys- not crying though. I cant really remember what the sound was, perhaps pouring out of the huge rubbermaid container of outdoor playthings- balls, helmets, hockey sticks-everything everywhere.

OK- no big deal. I turn the corner to the kitchen, the macaroni and cheese boxes have been opened and some macaroni has been placed in a measuring cup- ready to make for lunch. There was only one box open upon further examination- so no big deal. A small amount of chocolate chips on the stove, not sure where those came from- I asked Andrew- he got them from the freezer (which is on top of the fridge). He wanted to put the chips in a cake we were allegedly going to make.

Round the next door into the living room and we find about 8 or 9 cups full of milk. They were trying to sell milk to everyone. Sweet milk and non-sweet milk. The sweet milk was the french vanilla creamer. Heads shaking, we begin to clean up the milk. Chris gets a pitcher and begins to pour the milk into a pitcher, he asks Andrew to show me what is at the bottom of the cup- it is loaded with chocolate chips- two more cups had that in them. They keep talking about how yummy the milk and chocolate were. We really couldnt argue with them- the longer you stay in bed as a parent- the more of a mess you will come out to.
I asked David
"did you use all the milk?"
"yes" he responds.
"where is the jug" seeing that it is not in the recycling
"um...lets see, I had it over here, and then I was taping the top...I dont know where it is" - taping the top?? I thought, shaking my head.
When we came back from the park I found the pitcher amid the rubble of outdoor toys.

They did eat breakfast though made themselves cereal. And thankfully they did not go outside- they were definitely trying to escape.

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