Sunday, May 11, 2008

Bush/Hager wedding

Congratulations to the newlyweds! I am impressed with the dignity they have held themselves to over the past few months leading up to the wedding. They are both level headed, good people- marriage is hard for even the most level headed around us- so perserverance and commitment remain the fountain for marriage.

At the Stonewall Jackson hotel this afternoon we saw the preparation for the most gorgeous looking reception. The event was quite a to-do= with the lime centerpieces with sticks hanging out of them- I am sure they were not sticks, but it kind of had that notion to it. The chairs all had...this is where I am deficient as a girl, I have no idea what to call these things- maybe covers- white with a green bow on the back- every single one. It looked nice, but I kept thinking- what if there was no bow? How much more did that cost? And the cake- wow it was spectacular looking- five layers, green studded- it looked like jewels were encrusted in the cake. The family was staying at the hotel and they were having a good time, which is all that matters oh and they actually get married.

To the Hagers- Cville will see you next weekend at Henry's graduation! Two events in two weekends- how exciting, or are you skipping the walk on the lawn for your honeymoon?

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