Thursday, May 01, 2008

Deep thoughts-not

I am not feeling blogalicious right now- so many interesting things are going on in my head, but nothing really worthy of an audience (hey dad!). SO I will do my lists of random miscellaneous items
1. Holy cow- Springsteen was awesome, still kind of get that feeling when I think about it.

2. New job- awesome. I twittered this morning (are you twittering? let me follow you, or vice versa) that I am doing real lawyer work, not soul sucking administrative work. I like this type of practice of law - I am sure it will get crazy and stressful, but after my first day- things are pretty good- for example there is diet coke in the fridge for me!! I didnt put it there. I like working in an office.

3. a complaint about this weekend- "dont make me, please!? do I have to?" I am sure it will be awful and I dont know how to make it better, its all about attitude, I do not have the right attitude for this weekend, I am trying to summon it, but nothing has worked so far.

4. Have you noticed the abundance of taxi-services lately in town? Before it seemed there was only Yellow Cab. Now I see all sorts of vehicles riding people around (in larger cars than the yellow cab people). My personal favorite has to be Wahooptie- you can text them to come pick you up- that is so cool.

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jenontheedge said...

I think the Wahooptie is so much fun, but I saw one being towed the other day, which makes me wonder about how reliable the vehicles are.