Wednesday, May 07, 2008

WAHU Fox News @ 10

What happened to John Rodgers, the news anchor for the 10 oclock news on Fox? I miss the guy. I like Dan Shutte a lot because he has a sense of humor, but where is John?

For awhile Dan would say "I am Dan Shutte in for John Rodgers tonight..." and now, maybe they still are saying it. What I fear is he has been terribly injured and he is recovering, but slowly. Anyone know? Anyone else care? John is the only one who can really get the First Look feature correct, all of the other anchors do not have the timing down. As you can tell, I watch the 10 o'clock news- no other news programs. Honestly there is only about 5 minutes of news in the 30 minute program- about the amount I can tolerate.

Seriously though- what is going to happen in the summer when there are no UVA sports to report on, the sports guys need to look at some professional sports- baseball, NBA finals, even more Nascar would be more tolerable than all UVA, all the time (which usuallly only means one sport story all about UVA Lacrosse or whatever in the 3-4 minute sports time).

And because Stacy Berman has improved signicantly, I will give a shout out to her! Good job. I appreciate her, even though the forecasts have not improved, I dont think it is appropriate to blame her for that- is it?


StLmom said...

I mean this in the nicest way possible, but . . . I really, really want to give Stacy Berman a makeover. I want to take her shopping. I think she needs it and she would even, maybe, welcome it. She could make just a few changes and look SO much more professional.

Jennifer said...

You are the PR guru so I trust your judgment. In lieu of Stacy, perhaps me? j/k
What girl wouldnt welcome a makeover?

StLmom said...

That would be so much fun! Let me know if you really want to and we'll make a day of it.