Saturday, May 03, 2008

technology&how we think

Great conversation at the Moms Night Out we had last night for preschool moms. We tend to talk about our kids A LOT - but in a good, supportive, non-competitive way. I really appreciate the women - this is our third night out this year.

I annoyed them with my technology talk (twitter, blogs, texting, facebook etc). Someone mentioned an article on how we communicate is becoming more minimal- literally the space available to write or communicate with someone is tiny (cell phone screens, facebook status, tweets, and the quick blog post). How is that impacting our brain- and the structure of how we think?

Sadly, I am unable to consider these questions - instead I rather hurridly go about my day and try hard not to think about things- just move to the next thing. I am constantly receiving input- and my output is fairly blah and quick.

I have written in journals since I was in 6th grade. I quit drinking after writing who I wanted to be and what I actually was, I got over broken romances by re-reading all of the journal entries on how pathetic the boy was and to this day one of my favorite things to do is write a note to a friend/acquaintance and send it snail mail. Clearly I am not a talented writer- but I have always relied on it. I can definitely tell my writing is not as comprehensive. I can think of a line "the perfume of the lilacs ..." but then to take it a step further and create the plot and character and theme I dont do that anymore.

Then someone asked what would I do without any newspapers, internet, computers, or music for a few weeks? (assuming no children around)
What would you do?

I said I would write-

They said they would read- then I remembered I like reading so I probably would sleep, read and write and take long baths (so I would probably have to clean the house too). A break from the input would be helpful to de-clutter the mind, however I also think of blogging as my new journal. Or perhaps it is in lieu of talking on the phone- I dont know.


StLmom said...

I'm with you. I would read and write. Oh, and bake. I would bake a lot. And eat.

Funny how when you mentioned long baths your mind went directly to cleaning the house because if I were to take a bath, I would have to clean first, too.
Glad you're enjoying your moms' group. Keep annoying people with tech. They'll all have to get there when that's the only way to communicate with their kids, and they'll be coming to you for advice.

mckora said...

I used to write letters - pre computer days. They were sometimes done as a duty and were time consuming and difficult for me to write. Some were fun to write and a few pages went by quickly.
Most of my e-communications are short, centered around one idea or question, however they are much more frequent.
Sometimes they are very long - ask Frank- he reads your blogs.
I would read and write if I had more time. Probably take more and better photos also.