Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Ice Cream

Ice Cream is a delicious spring/summer/winter/fall treat. It is also one of my favorite songs by Sarah McLauchlan "you're love is better than ice cream..."

I have been paying close attention to prices lately, and I only really buy ice cream when its on sale (2 for $5; buy one get one free, you know the drill). So I was thinking of buying the first ice cream of the season last week :) and I am reviewing the Breyers options- and I notice some containers look smaller than others. And sure enough the cartons of the fancy Breyers are 1.5 quarts; while the mundane (but equally delicious in my mind) are 1.75 quarts.

All of us remember when ice cream was sold in half gallon containers right? It wasnt that long ago. No way was I going to be ripped off my .25 quart so I opted for two 1.75 quart cartons, and the flavors are still delicious and there may be .25 quart left for Chris in the one in the freezer. Luckily I did get two and one is still in the deep freezer (he wont know though because he doesnt read my blog often enough- and none of ya'll are going to tell-right?)

Did I mention I have been eating ice cream instead of dinner lately? I have been getting home late, having not eaten since lunch, so I figure instead of dinner then ice cream, I will just have ice cream. Its the ice cream dinner diet. No just kidding, I am making up for Lent when I didnt eat any dessert.

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