Thursday, May 29, 2008

musings, with no links too lazy

Today I graduated from Leadership Cville. I hope people in our community will consider applying for it. One of the fellows in the last year’s Sorenson Class (documented by Across the Aisle), is this year’s Chamber’s Small Business Man of the Year recipient- Grant Tate. I have had the honor of knowing Grant Tate casually for about a year, I am more familiar with others in his organization Bridge, LTD- Jennifer Till and Connie Brennan. I particularly appreciated his comment (because they awards are always a surprise) “now I know why my brother flew into town” so cute and honest. I appreciate that about Grant and his team.

I celebrated JustChildren’s 10th bday last night at the old Michie building. The program at the Legal Aid Justice Center is remarkable, and involves any educational related legal issues. Congratulations to JustChildren and LAJC.

"Across the Aisle" appeared on PBS last night as I mentioned I was at a bday party so I only had a chance to watch the last fifteen minutes. The program was well done and I look forward to see the whole thing soon.

On the tv front, I haven’t watched General hospital in months- is that progress? I barely keep up with the show online, I also barely watch anything except ten oclock news, Frazier and Seinfeld as I am falling asleep. Although this evening I did get sucked into the Lost finale- I do follow that online, particularly the WaPo’s Lost chats, and btw wtf? This show is unbelieveable. Oh my goodness, that ending was completely unexpected.

Chris is setting up the directv for our annual Tour de France three week marathon. It was nice of the WaPo to write about cycling today- about the performance enhancing drugs and David Millar, reformed doper.

I was diagnosed with severe sleep apnea- I look forward to a good night sleep soon, I told Chris that it feels so dumb to expect sleep to make me feel less tired- it just doesn’t, and I have no way of feeling less tired until the c-pap makes an appearance in my house.

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mckora said...

The movers were supposed to be done on Friday. They finally finished the U-Store locker at 2:00PM today! Kind of screwed up the lite plans we had. Fortunately they were lite plans. Any idea when you'll get a trusty C-pap? I doubt if it will be a cure all. I am just not a morning person. But it did help with my afternoon drowsiness.