Friday, May 09, 2008

What a cool Friday

Today was mother's day at D&A's preschool. They both served me lunch individually within an hour. It was very cute- hummus on pita, strawberries, veggies and ranch, chips and salsa and brownies. I got one strawberry from each, one chip from Andrew and 1/2 chip from David. Very funny. And a 1/3 cup of punch "it tastes like ginger ale but its not" "what is it?" "its punch" with a huge grin and burst out laughing like he got away with something.

The poultry plant smells bad when you first enter. We were not able to see the evicerations because the workers were done for the day- we saw the leftover parts and blood and I am grateful we didnt see it. The rest of the plant tour involved parts of the turkey we are used to seeing it, still revulsion still overcame me at points. Deli turkey meat will take awhile for me to eat again.

The Staunton Grocery is a restaurant in Staunton on Beverly Street- it was delicious. The chef made a speech beforehand on how he opened this place to use the locally grown foods in new and productive ways and to serve the farmers and economy of the valley. Very noble thing. While I didnt expect the apple crisp deconstructed with rhubarb cream, mint and caramel to be like it was- I am adventurous, so it was cool. Also the BEST coffee so far this trip- no way anything will be able to beat it till Shenandoah Joes.

Off to the depot and baja. BTW- CREIGH DEEDS for GOVERNOR.

In the morning I have to argue in favor of the ten commandments in school- I got figure out how to make those arguments- my assumption is if I just act belligerent I will get the point across that the foundation of this country is the Bible so we should instill these moral values in our children at a young age. I will win by being righteously indignant.


Patience_Crabstick said...

I like Creigh Deeds. :) I once stumbled onto a commercial he was filming in the park across the street from my house. This was when he was running for attorney general. They asked me to be in the commercial. I had to be a "concerned parent" and they made me stand on a stool because he's so much taller than me and they also made us stand very, very close together while we pretended to talk--so close you'd expect us to start kissing. It was pretty funny, and he was very friendly.

Jennifer said...

that is what I like about Creigh- very personable and accessible as a politician. He is sharp as a whip but not arrogant at all.