Thursday, May 01, 2008

Hope Community Center hubbub

Too bad about the Hope Community Center closing because they could not raise the money to abide by the zoning laws of our city. I appreciate what the Shelter and the Bares are trying to do- if it was a good model to begin with, then private investors or community foundations would invest in it and make it work, perhaps they still will. In the meantime, I encourage the Bares to work with the City to make a sustainable model then its more likely the City will fund it.

Dont buy into the Center's story that the City didnt support them- the CDBG task force allocated money to them for FY 2008-09 which was subsequently approved by Council.

Why come to the Council to prop up the shelter in the middle or at the end of the budget season, when everyone else who receives money followed the rules? Why should we bend the rules? Why not just follow the rules in the first place? I deny teh Center's decision to close because they couldnt meet the zoning requirements is the City's fault - and while I am usually eager to blame the City- in this case, it is unwarranted.

What can we as a City do to help those folks left on the street by the closing? What ever happened to the Shaddyac money? What is happening with the homeless service providers that 70 people/families would be on the street tonight?

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