Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Yeah TV!

Lost is new tonight. The start of sweeps month for the series. Looks like a suspenseful show.
Gilmore Girls last night seemed to be what fans have been waiting for. Television without pity recapleter gives it an A- BTW- I dont get the WB, but since I am addicted, I get my information on the internet
Prison Break- I read a USA Today blurb that this show will have a cliffhanger (shock!) then not have another new show until ... MAY (sweeps)! SO I am rolling back my addiction to this show. TV EXECS- DONT DO THIS TO FANS-it is rude. I have not watched Monday's show so I havent read the article I hyperlinked here.
SO far I havent fast forwarded through too much of the collision on General Hospital- but I can see it getting old quickly.

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