Thursday, November 17, 2005


Sadly, my perfect recording system failed during the Lost hour. We caught bits and pieces of it. I am still not clear how we learned Goodwin (Godwin) was 'other' despite searching the web to locate good recaps. EW has the best sardonic recaps (you may have to subscribe to get the reviews), I highly recommend those. TVWithoutPity has ok recaplets the day after the show and lengthier ones usually the day before the following weeks show.

Reading all the buzz about last night's show I am firmly in the Ana Lucia hater camp. Admittedly, I suspect the producers want me to feel that way. The other camp (no pun intended) believes the John, Jack and Sayid group are annoying and hate them. Not sure how you can continue to watch the show and hate that group. I didnt like Ana Lucia from the beginning because when we first saw her with Jack at the airport, I knew she would be alive on the island and I dont want her to end up with Jack. I like the complex relationship between Kate and Jack. Next week's previews look like Kate is going to be over the top to see else will Lost survive without fits and starts?

The little I gather the others take 'good' people like the children. The others have not taken people in original camp therefore are they all bad? Good and bad being all relative.

Next week I will be diligent in recording properly (and plenty of room on the DVD RW).

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